“An army of all kin”

“An army of all kin, consisting of a universal militia, of universal entrepreneurs,

– self-governed by the Natural Law of self-determination, by self-determined means, by the reciprocal grant of, the defense of, the inalienability of, and insurance of, individual sovereignty in all demonstrated interests, and reciprocity in all display, word, and deed,

– to all members of the polity that are demonstrably able, willing, worthy, and sworn to exchange them, producing adversarial markets in all aspects of life: association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, polities, and war

– and as a consequence, the fastest innovation and adaptation of knowledge, technology, economy, polity, war, and man, by the continuous evolution of human agency, producing the greatest transcendence of man, in the shortest time, under the greatest prosperity, with the greatest certainty

– and the continuation of natural selection by suppression of the reproduction of those demonstrating unfitness for those markets

– an aristocracy, holding to the primacy of man, profiting from the incremental domestication of the human-animal into peers.

– And as a consequence, institutionalizing and industrializing the production of human agency

– rapidly evolving man from animal, to slave, to serf, to freeman, to citizen, to sovereign and into the gods they imagined.”

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