Evolution Is Gods First Law


— “I think the key point of natural law is that there is a God who ordered the world and human affairs and that we ought to follow that order. The main problem of the west now is they no longer believe that there is a Creator God, so the rest is nonsense to them.” —

That is the religious version. The secular is that whether a god exists or not there are extant laws of the universe, that we can discover, adapt to, and evolve using, or we can ignore those laws at our peril. It’s the same argument secular(deterministic) or religious(intentional).

The universe is Darwinian, if god spoke he needed to say only one word: ‘evolve’ and there is only evidence of that one word. Christianity is just the optimum means of tolerating it. And Aryanism is the only one willing to face it.

Evolution’s not random. The overarching order is that only by continuous recursive evolution do we defeat the red queen (entropy). Even the universe can die.

Evolution: “Negative Entropy: Evolutionary computation, by continuous recursive disambiguation, of available energy, into persistence, consisting of stable relations, and the consequence we call mass.”

Anything that can be computed will be computed. But the only means of increasing computation is increasing opportunity for computation which means increasing complexity. Some evolve into niches. Our niche has evolved to be evolution itself.

The Laws of nature evolved into the Natural Law of Cooperation: the maximization of evolutionary computation by the reciprocal insurance of self-determination by self-determined means by sovereignty in demonstrated interests, reciprocity in display, word, and deed, and markets for voluntary cooperation in everything.

The laws of nature and nature’s god are rather obvious. Time is not endless, it is not cyclical, it is not linear, it is only evolutionary – or else it’s death.

Natural Selection consists of the accumulation of defects such that one is no longer competent for self-determination by self-determined means, and by suppression of their reproduction their genes are removed from the sexual marketplace and therefore the polity.

The only cost of those markets is the suppression of the reproduction of those unfit for those markets in compensation for their care because of their unfitness.

That is the only solution to the gods law of evolution.

So that means that while others may insure you that you may not reproduce and thereby spread those defects. In other words, you had no choice in your creation but you have a choice in the spread of your harms.

Ergo the violation of god’s law of evolution.

I can only testify to the laws of the universe. That is all I testify to. The Indo Europeans discovered the primacy of man, the laws of nature and the tragedy of the laws of god(s). The Christians merely told how to survive them: love.

Anyone can read the word of god written in his hand in the laws of the universe. Anything that disagrees with those laws (See Thomas Aquinas) is false.

The source material is the laws of the universe. I’m just looking at the science. That is what it says.

I didn’t interpret anything. It’s just there.

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