How Many Are Enough, and Who Are the Nazis?


— “Q: How many do you think is enough?” — Empire’s Frontiers

Enough is something on the order of 2M. Sufficient is the 10k that allows us to collect the 25K, to the 100K, to the 1M to the 2M. Mao strategy: recruit the countryside. We only need enough men to produce confindence from recruits. The more we have the more we can get because size decreases uncertainty. However, the point of 2M is to attract enough attention that we can issue demands for corretion under the plausible possibility that we can force those demands. In other words teh value in numbers is that we eliminate the need for civil war. Our proposals (my work) is a moral soluton to the problem of modernity, and it simply restores and reinforces the original constitution which itself was the first written attempt at a scientific government. If we can ‘get attention’ without the nazis or christians ruining it, then we can propose our solution which satisfies the majority center-right and center left, and protects the ‘right’ propert, and only screws over the hard left, academy, financial sector, and the state.

— “Who is a Christian is clear, but what in your view constitutes the nazis? Beside posters here on Gab who have more or less similar desires as what your work means to achieve, are there more established groups/men you would describe as nazis who might interfere?” — Empire’s Frontiers @EmpiresFrontiers

I equate ‘nazi’ with just being imature and stupid.

If we begin with rule of law by the natural law (as I’ve exhaustively documented it) it results in a nation with all the benefits of national socialism, none of the negative symbolism, and none of the authoritarianism, because (contrary to Schmidt etc) the science says we are right, and that if we launder christianity of its judaism the underlying ethic expressed in legal terms is scientifically right.

In other words, nazism, national socialism, like communism and Woke is an ingorant religion for the dumb folk.

We get an even better result without the baggage.

Ethnocentrism is the optimum group strategy. Europeanism is the optimum evolutionary strategy. Rule of law is the optimum rule strategy. And monarchy, cabinet, and houses for the classes is the optimum political strategy, and mixed economy cmbining state time preference and capital, with private time preference and use of capital, is simply the optimum political order FOR THOSE WHO CAN DO IT.

The thing is, you have to be more genetically and culturally evolved to do it. Thats why it’s a more evolved strategy. So our ‘competitors’ can’t do it.

So why ‘carry their dysgenic incompetent dead weight’ instead of separating and leaving them behind?

Same for naziism national socialism. Leave the dead weight behind. Learn the science. Join the 21st century. And deprive the enemy of their means of demonizing you and deplatforming you.

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