I Want to Restore and Complete the Constitution – as Science


CAUTION:  My work tries to RESTORE the constitution to its intentions of an alliance of states under a weak federation, in the thousand-year history of the holy roman empire, an the successful Germanic and English model of a rule of law of the natural common law, an independent judiciary, and houses of government as a market for commons.

What I do is legal in the United States. (for now). What’s illegal is planning, organizing, and committing crimes. I have a long-standing policy of separating activism from action. And I have a long-standing policy of stating that we only act as one, not as individuals or small groups. It’s counter-productive.

The only way to avoid violence is to organize on a scale that the chance of violence by either side is untenable for both sides.  So if you have ‘designs’ that conflict with this strategy, then do not contact me regarding it. I don’t want to know. And I consider it harmful. Ok?

When we DO ask you to show up, DO show up. And show up ready to play Gandhi until we have no choice but to go viking.

That is the only path to the moral high ground. There is NO OTHER PATH no matter how horrific you see the present injustices, crimes, and war of genocide against our people.

The way we win is to demand the same protections for political identity as we do for religious, racial, and sex identity – and to have an honest discussion over the future and policies – and to go our own ways.

Until we can’t do that because they have demonstrated their criminality in open discourse.

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