No, the Kazar thing is nonsense

Via Thuletide

Ashkenazi Jews are not White/European. 

They are a mixed-race people with around half Middle Eastern and half European ancestry.

2017 study: 

Ashkenazis are 50% Middle Eastern, 34% South European, and 16% North European

2020 study: 

Ashkenazis are over 50% Middle Eastern and 41% European

Ashkenazis look exactly as you’d expect: A random mix of Levantine and European phenotypes.

They aren’t “Khazars” either. Jews lived in the Khazarian Khaganate, but it was a multi-ethnic empire that also included Scythians, Uralic people, etc. The ethnic Khazars were East Asiatic Turkic peoples and Ashkenazis have no Turkic ancestry. They also don’t look Turkic at all.

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