Reconciliation: The Underlying (unnecessary) Division Between Europe and European Russia


1)Europe is a multiethnic christian voluntary rule of law federation. Russia is a multiethnic multireligious involuntary arbitrary rule empire. Civilizational development migrated from the Atlantic across Europe, into european Russia, and Russia domesticated the rest of Eurasia.

2)Given that Russia is still domesticating conquered eurasian territories, it is rational that Russian needs are different from European needs. And russian fear of liberalism and decadence are also rational. But her threat to the west prevents completion of the eurasian project.

3) Federated europeans are wrong in attempting to export PERMISSIVE liberalism to the incomplete project of Russian domestication of turkic and siberian peoples and territory.

4) Imperial Russans are wrong in that Rule of Law sufficiently articulated, to protect against ‘libreral decadence’ combined with westward federation for reciprocal defense, is impossible – when it is the only survivable solution possible.

5) Small homogenous polities with a history of rule of law, a majority middle class, the resulting advanced economy, and high trust norms, can tolerate the luxury good of democratic legislation regulated by sufficiently articulated constitutions producing rule of law.

6) But large heterogenous polities with a history of authority, lacking a majority middle class, and the resulting advanced economy, retaining low trust norms, even under rule of law, can only tolerate democratic VETO of a government, until they have developed high trust norms.

7) As such the West has be foolishly advocating democracy(luxury) and capitalism(utility) as if it was a religoius cult, when the means of producing cooperation at scale is Rule of Law(Sovereignty and Reciprocity), and middle class, trust, democracy are the result of its success.

8) There is no reason we cannot accomodate federation with a via negativa (veto) government, absent democratic via-positiva legislation, (Which is essentially elected, rule of law, constitutional monarchy) because all that matters is reciprocal insurance of rule of (natural) law

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