Sexual Equilibrium:


Men are less empathic than women, and therefore less socially adaptive than women. Many of the things that need to be done raising children and socializing with neighbors on the homestead, men are not capable of doing. Men are also not as capable of managing details and multitasking as women, and if they tried, people wouldn’t like it – it causes ‘interference’ that requires empathy and compromise and it would increase friction that harms social cooperation.


— “Women are physically weaker than men and therefore women are less physically capable than men. Many of the things that need to be done labor-wise on a homestead, women are not capable of doing. Women are also just not as handy as men, and if a woman were as handy as a man, people wouldn’t like that, anyway. … It’s not an excuse. It’s reality.” — Ashley Rae @Communism_Kills

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