The French Revolution Repeats the Byzantine Defeat of Rome


The french revolution was just a repeat of the byzantine destruction of the western roman empire, killing of its aristocracy, and converting it to feminine utopian false promise. It wasn’t a restoration. It was the destruction of the holy roman empire of the germanic people.

Rousseau > Kant > Marx et al > Gramsci-Marcuse et al > Derrida-Foucault-Lyotard et al > Friedan-Steinem > (neocons / libertarians) > Pc-Woke Mainstream

The moment we lost the aristocracy we lost the west, because it was the combination of our tradition of the military order, the common law of european peoples, the aristocracy it produced, and the gradual conversion of the aristocracy into competitive production of excellence in high arts, states, and commons that created the miracles of the ancient, late medieval worlds. ‘

And it was the french and jewish authoritarian feminine utopian false promise of mothering of the people that created the horrors of the french revolution, the destruction of germanic europe, the destruction of eastern europa and russia as an aextension of germanic europe, the world wars, and today’s destruction of both the global anglosphere and the continental european civilization. And only eastern europen and russia are resisting. While france tries to restore her dominance despite her centuries of evil.

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