Why Does the Universe only Require Three Dimensions of Measurement


“Q: Curt: What’s so special about triangles!”

The simple answer is that no external information is needed in order to calculate a plane just as no external information is necessary to calculate a sphere.

Q: “What’s an example of something that would require external information in order to calculate it?”

1) no matter what you do with three points triangle it will always and only create a triangle. (two opposing forces – two points – can create a stable state – the third point.

2) no matter what you do to two points they will only create a line. two opposing forces can create a stable relationship.

3) no matter what you do to a point: it will only create a point. A stable state will remain stable unless subject to an opposite charge (force)

4) in order to create any other geometry you must apply some rule where the information must be stored externally to the arbitrary relation of the points.

5) in other words, how can the universe know how to create a square, or a cube? it can’t.

6) This is why the universe has only three dimensions, and can only have three dimensions.

This is why we see all the universe evolve from one force -pressure- creating two opposing forces (negative and positive charge) we call polarity.

This polarity (line) can only survive (maintain state) if it has sufficient energy not to collapse back into the background state – because the background state cannot produce (concentrate) enough negative or positive energy to cancel it out.

If this object can accumulate enough force to create a stable state (survive) then we now have three points, the negative charge x, the positive charge y, and the sum of the charges z that produces a surface area (total charge) greater than the charges of x and y and such cannot dissipate.

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