Wrong Question: “are We Going to Lose Our Democracy?”


Confuses the importance of democracy (a luxury good with questionable value and all historical evidence against it) with the importance of self-determination by self-determined means that we imprecisely call sovereignty(political), liberty(economic), and freedom (individual).

And worse, overstating the value of democracy understates the rule of law of the natural law of self-determination by self-determined means, by reciprocal insurance, by force of arms, of that self-determination, by the guarantee of sovereignty in demonstrated interests, reciprocity in-display word, and deed, limiting us to truth before face(self), duty before self, loyalty before self, and reciprocity in display word and deed, and the total prohibition on authority.

The result of course is competition (markets) in all aspects of life, thus producing an open market for rule, government, economy, and society by the best competitors in those markets. And as such the rate of evolutionary innovation adaptation and application is unique to western civilization.

In other words, democracy is only meaningful if it is meritocratic and earned, and earned by reciprocal insurance in display word, and deed of all others willing to do so.

This is why democracy requires chariots, cavalry, spear, phalanx, bowmen, and especially rifles: because all men have equal ability and interest to preserve their sovereignty along with that of others.

So the first ‘right’ is the right, responsibility, and inalienability to bear arms such that our insurance of one another, can produce the luxury of participatory government as an externality.

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