Dear Mother England;


THE SCIENCE SAYS: the optimum system of government is (1) Rule of Law by the Natural, Common Law of Self Determination by Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Truth, Duty, and Markets in association, reproduction, production, commons and polities at the cost of suppression of the reproduction of those unfit for those markets (2) Monarch as Judge of Last Resort, Outside the law in restoration of rule of law (3) Government by Cabinet elected by the houses (4) Lords as Judge of Consequences of Economic Fashion and Whimsy (state, culture, civilization) (5) Parliament (business and industry) of as Judge of Economy (Production). (6) New Lower House as Judge of Fashion and Whimsey (consumption). The proper solution to the problem of politicians is to increase the size of the jury (thang, parliament) to the entire population eliminating all need for politicians? Why not break the population into direct voting by house?

Brits have lost their minds in the postwar world. You had the best system of government in human history, but you didn’t have a written constitution so that rule of law of natural law continued to consist of an empirical set of transactions against the accountancy of the law. There is a tendency of postwar Brits to degenerate into petty moralizing the same way the french court degenerated into petty moralizing, just as the chinese degenerated into aesthetics rather than competence. Y’all invented the modern state – and you threw it out the window in the postwar period.

That’s what the SCIENCE says. Why not stop all the petty posturing? The USA (falling apart), canada (same), australia and NZ could use the restoration of the anglosphere – but that’s not possible without ‘grandparents’ getting the family together under the on parent we have: you.

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