Dugin Illusions Corrected


A) Rule of law by the natural (scientific) law of cooperation, using empirical common law of discovery of conflicts, and concurrent voting discovery of preferences, resulting in markets of aspects of life – as long as we limit concurrency (voting) to those who have demonstrated competency in family(common), business (house), and industry or regions (lords, or senate), instead of fully open voting. And the evidence is that women need their own lower house if they are to participate in voting. This system maximizes the distribution of responsibility for self, family, commons, and polity.

B) The cultural problem of the west is not the original meaning of liberalism (rule of law by the natural (scientific) law of cooperation (tort). It is the Jewish (bolshevik) totalitarianism (not authoritarianism), that migrated to the west after the second world war and replaced the aristocracy, traditions,values, and institutions, of demonstrated competency in real-world military, commercial, production, and reproduction (family), with credentialism(secular priesthood via the academy) and sought to undermine western civilization’s “institutions of cultural production” from within. And they used the false promise of freedom from ‘western white responsibility and scientific institutions’ resulting in a rapidly advancing eugenic society, with a Semitic third world, feminine, totalitarian rule, free of responsibility, truth, reciprocity, markets, demonstrated competency, and eugenic selection.

C) Russia is culturally correct and politically incorrect. The west is cognitively and politically correct but has been culturally undermined by Jewish marxism (class marxism), neo-marxism (cultural marxism), postmodernism (truth marxism), anti-male feminism (sex marxism), pc-woke (race-marxism) by the incremental seizure of institutions by the use of credentialism (theory, magical thinking, fraud, deceit, undermining, critique, canceling) .

D) Russia has the same problem today that America had in the 18th and 19th century with the Amerindians, nad we have today with the south Americans and Caribbeans. The Asian continent is threatened by Caucasians, Iranics (south-eurasians), Turks (Asian, caucasian, iranic hybridization), and east Asians. So Russia cannot tolerate either majority democracy, or seditious or treasonous thought word or deed if it wishes to retain the territory, it’s resources, and the conquest of the continent (world island) by the russian people.

E) The correct solution is russian culture to suppress woke (our race-marxism version of their class-marxism), to reciprocally defend one another against race, demographic, and cultural invasion, and to secure Russia’s territorial range and defense. WHile at the same time bringing rule of law but NOT Jewish bolshevism, or ‘left liberalism to destroy the male European order’ to russia. RUle of law is just science. It does not mean we are universally equal. It means only that we treat our ingroup as equally under the defense of the concurrent, common, natural law, as our institution of cooperation and self preservation.

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