Ethnocentrism Does Not Require Nazism, Ideological Religion, or “Power Symbols”.


Ethocentrism, nationalism, rule of law, of sovereign men, is the optimum political order for those capable of that political order (europeans who are of majority middle class genetics).

RE: “What is the difference between “Nazi Ethnocentricism” and “White Nationalism”? Are we not allowed to preserve our genes at all?

See what I mean? Even asking me that question exposes the problem with ‘y’all that I am trying desperately to save you from – your ignorance of what made you, your genetics, your intuitions, and your values possible.

So, the difference is DESPOTISM (rule by man) and Rule of Law, Monarchy, Cabinet, Multi-House Govenment, and the Jury, Nationalism, and all the goods that result from it.

Does that mean we cannot learn from the various socialist movements in including the pre and war era french german Italian russian experiments, and the postwar successes and failures of social democracy vs communism, and Contemporary chinese fascism?

No. It means that you cannot have your traditional identity without ALL that it entails.

I worked very hard to solve this problem because it is in fact a hard problem that previous generations failed to solve. However in previous generations you still had an elite that hadn’t defected to the enemy and abandoned you.

So you are leaderless, idea-less, organization-less and option-less. And you don’t even have a layer of men capable of understanding solutions or leading you to survival – regardless of whether it leads to political victory.

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