Example of Pilpul-Critique: Matthew Yglasias on Abortion

Matt Yglasias tweeted:

“Abortion policy is the most fun issue to debate on Twitter because one side is motivated by religious considerations and yet the people who hold that view have all been trained to deny that’s the case as if at any minute they might be pressed into arguing a Supreme Court case.”

— Matt Yglasias

I thought I’d take the opportunity to explain how that this is not only a false framing, but why Yglasias and his peers practice this kind of false framing:

  1. Matthew: FALSE a) Whether the federal court can legislate from the bench, bypassing the demand that normative laws pass as *Concurrent Common Natural Law*. b) Xian morality is consistent with natural common law. c) Progressivism is a secular religion with equal falsehoods.
  2. Matthew: there is a common habit, expressed as common tropes, among your particular culture and religion, to use pilpul (solipsistic, feminine) framing (straw-manning) to misrepresent the western tradition of forcing high trust civ by pushing responsibility down to the peasantry as irrational, or oppressive, rather than normative domestication necessary for a high trust civilizatoin and the prosperity that results.
  3. Matthew: As such, we see women and Jews vs men and Westerners gravitate to traditional masculine responsibile, capitalizing, quality(eugenic) and feminine irresponsible, hyper consuming, quantity(dysgenic) moral sensibilities. We claim this is rational – but it’s just instinct. Male and Female instinct. (Or more correctly, male and female instinct expressed as masculine and feminine behavior and everything in between.)
  4. Matthew: Just as men and women are unconscious of their sex biases, Westerners(male) and Jews(female) are unconscious of cultural. The West uses Sovereignty(law), philosophy(sophistry), and Xianity. Jews use their Law(Separatist), Pilpul+Critique, and Religion (J-Marxism-Pomo).
  5. Matthew: That’s why women wage war of sedition by social superpredation to undermine individuals, institutions, and information necessary for male meritocratic organization of competitive polities. It’s also how and why Jews conduct war against the West: Mass Production of Gossip.
  6. And Matthew Yglesias ‘feels’ he’s morally righteous but he’s just another feminine seditionist conducting war against the West by Mass Production of Gossip via Pilpul&Critique using Abrahamic >NeoMarxist>Pomo>Woke war against the western meritocratic production of responsibility.

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