“I don’t think you understand. The court is restoring rule of law.”

I don’t think you understand. The court is restoring rule of law.

The court is reversing ‘legislation from the bench’ previously used to circumvent the constitution’s Concurrent Majority Democracy in a Republic under Rule of Law by Natural Law. And returning the decision to the States (Countries) in the Federation.

Let’s try to understand concurrent, common, law, and ‘settled law’. “Prescedent Must Equal Settled”. It wasn’t. The activists bypassed the legislatures, the common law, and formation of settled law, so the courts are restoring decisions to democratic, concurrent, common law.

The USA was organized as was england and then germania, as a concurrent democracy, meaning that the classes and the regions have to agree (via positiva) not the majority, just as they must in law (via negativa). It’s just “science” of ‘settled by the people’.

So I’m using the term Concurrent Democracy – because that’s what we live under. Hence local, state, federal everything, and within federal, monarch(president) and electoral college, houses for classes: house by popular vote: regions-senate by states), judiciary (and natural law).

A Concurrent Majority (as in USA) consists of ensuring commonality (common law) between classes (people) and between regions(polities) thereby limiting the state to deciding between and codifying settled law not creating unsettled law. We live in a REPUBLIC of Common Law.

Patriarchal Adulting Conservative Responsible Liberty by Rule of Natural Law and Concurrent Majority. – VS – Maternal Infantilizing Progressive Irresponsible Libertinism by Simple Majority

Likewise, everything we do in America – our whole system – is just science. It’s just that the Marxist-pomo war against our institutions has deprived our people of the knowledge necessary to understand our federation of ‘countries’ by natural, common, concurrent democratic law.

Under the common, concurrent, empirical, natural law, the jury decides, the judge referrees, and the opponents compete. There is no ‘authority’ other than the people and their accumulated empirical evidence, of the resolution of such conflicts over time, and across our peoples.

Do you understand the following terms?
-Epistemology (how we know)
-Logic (consistency, correspondence, coherence)
-Science (the production of testimony of observability)
-First Principles (Hierarchy of Causes)
-Decidabilty (vs choice or preference)
-Truth, Testimony (Performative Truth)
-Via Positiva Justification (Verbal Explanation)
… vs Via-Negativa Falsification (Empirical Evidence)
-Self Determination, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Demonstrated Interest (vs property)
-Natural Law (legal science)
-Natural Rights (Enumerated Rights, Responsibilities, Inalienations)
-Common Law (empirical record of the resolution of disputes) and Prescedent (consistency)
-Legal Legitimacy
-Rule of Law (natural rights, (arbitrary)rights, procedural, authoritative)
-Legislation, Regulation, Findings of the Court
-Strict Construction, Textualism, Plain Meaning
-Legislative Transactions
-Settled Law
-Concurrent Democracy

Blow your mind with a trivial insight: The natural law, the common law, and concurrent democracy that we live under, are compatible, commensurable, continuous, and produce evolutionary outcomes without human design. Just like the universe….

We do not live in a democracy, but a democratic republic. Within that democratic repuglic we do not live in a majority democracy. We live in a CONCURRENT MAJORITY democratic republic, precisely to prevent minority or majority tyranny.

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