Loyalty Between Christian Peasantry(weak) and Aryan Aristocracy(strong) Is Enough.

Dec 16, 2021

For the sake of loyalty to our ‘misguided kin’, we can in fact legislate special dispensation for Christians for the simple reason that while Christianity does persuade and indoctrinate using the Abrahamic method of fraud, the five first principles of the Christian religion are in fact the solution to the prisoner’s dilemma of cooperation, and they give the weak and women social political and economic value under the masculine, Aryan aristocracy that tolerates them.

Why? For the simple reason that Christianity prepares us for majority middle class and commercial civilization that treats everyone as a possible associate, cooperator, producer, or ally.

This is why Christianity succeeded in the west – we had all these traits as Europeans prior to Christianity but the domain of the expression of those traits was in commerce, politics, and war, and excluded women and the lower classes and slaves.

Christianity provided a means by which the effeminate, cowardly, unambitious, and weak, could contribute to the production of sovereignty, loyalty, reciprocity, without needing intelligence, strength, knowledge, resources, or family status.

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