Many Others Answer Nature’s Question For You.

By Luke Weinhagen

–“The government seems intent on estranging all its most dangerous men. Even a former asset like @mikeaglover1 gets targeted by a government that no longer represents its people.”–

By Noah Revoy

“Why don’t I kill you and take all of your resources?” is the persistent question nature asks of all organisms. All organisms must answer this question, and for most organisms, it must be answered immediately and always … that feedback, direct or indirect, is produced by reality.

Civilizations that carry nature’s question with them and maintain analogs for nature’s feedback, align with reality, and have the opportunity to continue answering the question.

Civilizations that neglect or abandon nature’s question, or who are so far removed from nature’s question that they forget the question exists (as ours is on the cusp of doing), will lose their buffer and fall to nature’s feedback.

The closer you get to being directly confronted with nature’s feedback, the smaller the period you have to answer nature’s question, and the more dangerous your ignorance of reality becomes.

If you do not see how you are answering nature’s question – yet you are surrounded by civilization – know that many other people are answering nature’s question on your behalf or you would cease to exist.

Undermine these gifts at your peril.

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