Natural Law Judgement of The Vaccine Questionnatural Law Judgement of The Vaccine Question


I avoided the ‘vax’ controversy because I said nothing could be said without empirical evidence and a crime created by the denial of that evidence.

So as far as I know, the empirical evidence has spoken: Unless a dramatic difference in contagion between vaccinated and non exists, then there is no case for masks or vaccines. And there is no such evidence. The opposite is true.

What are the crimes the governments are engaged in?

a) Given Rule of Law: Self Determination, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Truth, Duty, Markets.

b) Uninsurability and unwarrantability of vax externalities no matter how small.

c) State violation of the Rule of Non-Aggression.

d) State violation of Rule of False Promise of freedom from the laws of nature (fraud).

e) State violation of the Rule of interfering with adaptation of the population to the laws of nature (immorality).

f) State mixture of government, and state-religion, by the use of pandering, by propagating falsehoods, in order to satisfy neuroticism, provide mindfulness by symbolism, rather than propagating truths and encouraging, training, and adaptation.

g) so under the natural law, the law of the european peoples, the germanic law, the English law, and the american law, the state is engaging in a series of crimes which violate all those laws, and as such are evidence of the failure of rule of law, failure of the empirical state.

h) as such the present state is a clerisy not a government, and is ruling by sophistry, pseudoscience, and deceit, to justify itself and its abuse of powers, in order to obtain attention and approval from the neurotic ending the empirical state.

Ending the empirical state means ending the rule of law, where the rule of law by the natural law is not a philosophy or an ideology but the science of human cooperation, and the organization of human cooperation by that science.

So in conclusion, the matter is now settled unless the overwhelming evidence says otherwise. Even if so, then the state has the responsibility to isolate the fragile not the entirety of the polity.

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