“Q:Could the combined military forces of Norway, Sweden, and Finland defeat Russia?”

(This is my job. It’s what I get paid for. My job is to state the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth – even if it’s offensive. And “truth-before-face regardless of cost – despite its offense“ is the origin of European civilization’s ability to produce reason, science, technology, the common law, rule of law, the jury system, democracy, and the social and economic rewards of a high trust society. And it’s why other civilizations didn’t – and some still can’t.)

Russia has four resources: 1) large petroleum reserves, 2) sufficient food production, 3) roughly the combined population of France and Germany, and 4) a vast inventory of aging military equipment. Conversely, it also has a vast indefensible territory, a tiny unproductive economy devoid of technological productivity, is profoundly corrupt, a male population devastated by alcoholism, drug use, and tuberculosis, shorter life spans, low reproduction rates, a demographic collapse that will drop its population below that necessary to hold its territory, the inability to finance infrastructure in that vast territory, a collapsed post-soviet education system, is surrounded south (Turkish), center(Central Asian), and east(Asian) by different races and their civilizations who would prefer to control the resources east of the Urals.

Russia is burning through 100 years of military equipment and ammunition, thirty years of global relations and trade, its inventory of foreign technology, its cash reserves, its educated and skilled upper middle and upper classes, its dependence on foreign skills and technology to extract its oil and gas, its economic growth, and its public patience with the government.

All because of one despot’s fantasy that Russia’s strategic (geographic) and moral (traditional family) needs are incompatible with rule of law and democratic elections – when the underlying problem the world rebels against under the name of “liberalism” is (Jewish)neocon American foreign policy, and (Jewish) liberal(race-marxism, woke) ideology – all made possible by the conversion of western elites from the combination of aristocratic-noble families, military achievement, and industrial achievement (Natural Elites) to academic credentialism (Unnatural-elites) – all aspects of which are easily outlawed by any country (see Hungary) – and even more easily by Russians who desire them outlawed.

And as a consequence of that Russian legislation, the eastern European revolt against credentialism, natural elites, and Jewish race-marxism-pc-woke ideology (Cultural marxism v2 plus Feminist Marxism v3 Race Marxism v4) would improve the entire world by producing a cultural revolution against the west’s degeneration, by separating classical liberalism (rule of law, and family) from libertinism (rule by credentialism, and individual degeneracy against the family and society). In other words, the world sees “liberalism”, as Race-Marxism-PC-Woke Degeneracy – not family as the foundation of society, rule of law as the foundation of freedom, liberty, and prosperity, and natural elites as the foundation of good government.

The reality is very simple: because of Russia’s demographic and economic time window, because Putin is ill, and because he will be killed or imprisoned if he loses power, he’s acting now at all costs to attempt to recreate the soviet union and the Russian empire, in an all or nothing gamble to recreate that empire – or destroy Russia by trying. That’s why he won’t give up.

All the West has to do, including the Nordics (Norway 5m, Sweden 10m, Finland 5m), is to wait for the natural course of events to do their work. And so, if 30M Ukrainians can hold off the Russians why can’t 20M Nordics do so? If the Nordics were threatened that brings in the Anglo-Saxons, the Germans, the Baltics, and the West slavics.

The Anglo-American military isn’t afraid of the Russian military, it’s afraid of nuclear war. The Russian military is a paper tiger, and the Americans estimate it would take under two weeks to destroy all extant Russian military capability. Unfortunately, that leaves Russia with just nuclear weapons, and Putin in a condition where he’s a dead man walking. And so the Anglo-America military has decided to run down Russian economy, military equipment, political will, and public tolerance for Putin’s grand scheme of reconquering eastern Europe.

So can the Nordics hold off Russia? (a) yes. (b) it’ll never happen. (c) because they will never fight that battle alone.

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