Re: James Lindsay’s Twitter Trials and Tribulations: Female Expression of Pedophilia


Is child sexualization on the same developmental pathway as pedophilia? (I don’t know. It’s not research that I follow. But there is extant research on the subject.) AFAIK: hormonal, sexual expression, of both Male and Female differences in dominance expression vs the vulnerable.

Pedophilia is usually comorbid with Antisocial Personality Disorder -at least in males. I don’t see any research on the female equivalent – and I think that’s the publication opportunity. Antisocial Behavior + Infantilization is the female mirror of pedophilic development: dominance expression, intuitive self-image elevation, and imaginary status elevation.

Women can exercise antisocial dominance expression through self-satisfaction by manipulation of the vulnerable under the plausible deniability of ’empathy and care’. Doing so through sexualization is the female version of male performative pedophilia. Developmental cause unknown.

My work on sex differences in lying, antisocial behavior, coercion, corruption, and warfare has been disheartening. But in many ways, it further explains the problems of the 20-21st centuries as a delay between male and female expression made possible by industrial revolution.

We must suppress female anti-social behavior as thoroughly as we have suppressed male anti-social behavior. But prior to the last century females had neither economic, political, nor social means of scaling their anti-social behavior.

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