Religion is the cheapest method of producing mindfulness.

Mindfulness is required for humans to organize in large numbers. Religion is the cheapest method of producing mindfulness. The purpose of most religions is to train the individual into mindfulness by training non-aggression that overrides our desire for selfishness and petty retaliation cycles. The only religions that do not do this are Judaism and Islam. Judaism allows aggression against non jews. Islam MANDATES aggression against non-muslims. In fact, nearly half of Islamic content consists of means of aggressing against non-Muslims.

Christianity masters non-aggression, and for those who CAN believe, it produces mindfulness – but at the cost of supernaturalism, utopianism, ignorance, and irresponsibility. In other words, Christian magical-thinking that’s the reason Christians are being conquered worldwide by hostile religions of Islam, Judaism, and new-Judaism: marxism, postmodernism, pc-woke.

Because Christians in the absence of the military aristocracy are simply effeminate pussies, waiting for salvation by an aristocracy of men of better character that no longer exist. As such all Christians are serfs being conquered by superior religions and peoples who are not ‘pussies’.

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