There Were No Innocent Amer-Indians

Just to be contrarian “there were no innocent indians”. They were a primitive, brutal, violent, barbaric people so under developed as to be unable to cooperate
reciprocally with a more advanced civilization, and who refused to adapt in response to evolutionary pressures. They arrived in at least three waves, and each brutally murdered the previous. They produced the most vile civlization in history (mesoamerican), and they were happy to genocide one another at every opportunity – putting even the mesopotamians to shame.

The postwar pseudo-intellectual, pseudoscientific era consists of the marxist, neo-marxist, postmodern, feminist, pc-woke counter revolution against the darwinian revolution, and the darwinian explanation for european and east asian genetic, civilizationalm and cultural superiority, and the stagnation or regression of african, south eurasian, new world and austronesian.

Why? Democracy is incompatible with the continuation of natural selection by the two groups that practiced the most aggressive internal selectin pressure and internal genetic pacificiation: europeans and east asians.

The prewar period included soft eugenics which was in opposition to the marxist
(christian, muslim) false promises of freedom from the laws of nature: truth, scarcity, amorality, mutational load, regression to the mean, and the Red Queen.

So, never judge the past by the ethics of the present, especially when the present ethics are the product of a pseudo intellectual, pseudoscientific, religion that is the second great counter-revolution against truth, reason, evidence, and the sciences.

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