Will There Be A Second Civil War?

@Black Pigeon Speaks: I’ve worked on this question a great deal, participated in a revolution, and have even had to convince the FBI that I wouldn’t incite one here. I think your (our public) common perception of ‘civil war’ is archaic. When, at least since the beginning of the Obama administration, the state has been working to prepare for the possibility of a civil war – but one that is house to house, neighbor against neighbor, and urban against rural and continuously escalating.

And there is nothing the government could do about such a conflict. The country is vast. The military and police forces are small (tiny really), and they cannot be counted on to follow one side or the other.

So can it happen? Yes. Will it happen? Not if there is a major war outside the country (which is a case some are making for having one). And not if woke is ended and borders are closed. If we have twenty years to integrate the immigrants then maybe we can avoid it.

But as you stated (and as I’ve worked toward) devolution of the federal government back to its original design as an imitation of the HRE, and especially if we can convert the blue cities to city-states insulating the regions from them (LA and NY/NJ).

This turns out to be relatively easy. It took a great deal of work to reform the common law and ‘refine’ the constitution, fixing a half dozen holes in it, and it’s possible to produce an organized transition that is beneficial for all.

Why? Because there is extraordinary value to federated scale given the American continent-island’s strategic value. So, our near autarkic economy because of it, the defense necessary to preserve it, and the means of dispute resolution between states, is one thing.

But, given our prosperity, the tendency of prosperity to create demand for the fulfillment of preference rather than compromise those preferences. The need for individual regions and groups – as in Latin, Germanic, Nordic, Slavic, and Balkan Europe – to specialize in the production of social, political, and economic commons preferred by, and often needed by each is the only means of satisfying that demand and reducing our conflict. And together we would produce a market for political differences.

So that we can continue ‘the big sort’ by social (cultural), economic, and political preference rather than continue to hate each other. It’s the optimum solution for everyone.

Especially if the alternative is bloodshed.

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