Women, Feminism, and their Market Failure in Dating, Mating, and Marriage.

Women state their demands, and they create a market for affection. If they create a good market for affection they will cause men to conform to their wants and needs. If they create a bad market for affection, eventually they will run out of an inventory of men with previous assumptions about the market, and men will adapt to new market conditions, and the women will experience market failure: absence of male market goods.

You see, mating is a market like any other, with a supply of both sexes with the demands of both sexes. In that market we can either try to find a long-term relative equal, and “clear the market” with universal marriage and monogamy, or we can experience different degrees of market failure.

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th gen feminists have so indoctrinated women that they have created a market for affection reflecting their ideology. They created this market without providing the one service that’s in demand by men: femininity. Instead they provide dominance expression, competition, and sex. In this new market, the men can’t get femininity from the women. The men have no interest in dominance expression and competition. So the only market value women retain is sex.

So, a small number of guys use women for sex. They dominate the low quality information marketplace: dating sites. And the rest of men rely on work, friends, and real-world interactions to find a mate. Without women to domesticate them in exchange for feminine care, men, if following their instincts, will return to the same state as men in the rest of the world and away from the privileged state that men grant women in the western world.

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