The Monarchy is as central to civilization as are houses of parliament and common law.

The monarchy, as judge of last resort, under rule of law of the natural law, over a parliamentary government, is the optimum form of government ever invented by man.

And that’s not an opinion, that’s the result of behavioral science, and the unification of the four sciences into the science of decidability. It turns out that the common(empirical, equal, negative) law of what not to do, and the concurrent (empirical, classes, positive) legislation of what to do, with the monarchy as the judge of last resort (last means of appeal), and with the monarchy above the law only in restoration of that decidable, natural, common, concurrent, law, and individual sovereignty, parliaments, and monarchy, is the optimum form of discovering what not to do, choosing what to do, and via the monarchy, protecting the people from the government, the infrequent failures of political systems, and often – the people’s own folly.

The brits invented the modern steel world – even if by accient. The greeks invented the ancient iron world – even if by accident. The west-indo-europeans invented the archaic bronze world – even if by accident.

All it takes to understand is that the accident, by which Europeans have dragged mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, child mortality, early death, tyranny, and the vicissitudes of a nature all but hostile to human life, is do to only one accident: the necessity of suppression of authority, by the traditional law of individual sovereignty in one’s demonstrated interests, interpersonal reciprocity in one’s display word and deed, limiting us to voluntary cooperation in all walks of life, because that is the only means of organizing entrepreneurial ventures on the steppe using bronze, horse, and wheel.

Just as it is the only means of organizing entrepreneurial cities of the Mediterranean.

Just like it is the only means of organizing entrepreneurial empires like rome.

Just like it is the only means of organizing entrepreneurial nation states across germanic europe.

Just like it is the only means of organizing the british-American empire that dragged mankind out of poverty in just a few centuries.

The law, the parliament, the monarchy, are the optimum form of human government, resulting in a network of nation states, federated for the purpose of defense, against those backward empires that have not yet developed the rule of law, sovereignty, reciprocity, truthtelling, trust, and duty that euorpeans have — over 5000 years.

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