“Reminder: police in US consistently kill around 110 people during traffic stops each year (~10% of all police killings) Roughly one in three people killed by police each yr are fleeing, some fleeing from stops.”

PREMISE: racism among police.

Incorrect framing. Correct framing: Departments spend 80-90% of patrol time on revenue generation by accumulating fees for minor infractions that are most likely in impoverished communities, that can’t pay the regulatory and maintenence overhead of car-base-economies. See?

Let me double down on this a bit:

(a) it’s not bias if it’s true

(b) stereotypes are the most accurate measure in the social sciences for obvious reasons: they’re tested, and survive falsification by millions of people.

(c) the class problem regardless of race is the problem.

(d) b/c of geographic origins of our races, the size of the underclasses varies. Asian > white > hispanic > middle eastern > african civs, increase in size of the lower classes.

(e) Lower classes exist because of increased genetic load AND/OR preservation of less-neotenic genes.

(f) So denial of race differences results in denial of class differences, results in failing to increase the discipline of the lower classes to compensate for genetic load and lower neoteny. We know that these differences can be mitigated by discipline, repetition, socialization.

(g) it is impossible to ask people not to pattern people THE DON’T KNOW on stereotypes when stereotypes are the most accurate measure, and where failure to do so increase the risk of both parties. Fix the right people: Government, Academy, Educators Parents, are the problem.

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