Can Christianity Compete? No. Here is why, and how to fix it.

—“Need we any more complex theory to understand our predicament from child mutilation to Russia getting curb-stomped than “Christianity can’t handle the New Religion”?– A Friend (Afterthought)

Hmm… Would you mind if I clarify your argument a little bit?

1) Western civ has always been trifunctional, in that we preserve competeion between religion(feminine, familial), law (political, commercial) and aristocracy (war). THis forms a market competition between social, economic, and military elites, that promotes competitive innovation, and prevents corruption and stagnation by a balance of powers.

2) Western civ whose origins are best understood by study of the spartans, then maturing thru trade into the athenians, as an upper class of horse-riding warriors (aristocracy) financed by their extended families (oligarchy), over some number of footsoldiers (citizens) and a conquered set of farm workers and laborers (slaves).

3) Christian religion was an innovation because it provided the underclasses (women, serfs, slaves) a means of obtainin status by simply doing no wrong, rather than possessing wealth and power – and it was made possible by the weath increase generated by the roman empire, roman roads, roman administration, and roman trade. Thus reducing alienation between the classes, and lowering the cost of admninistering increasingly larger polities. While the church was successful undermining roman institutinos of cultural production – just as woke is doing today, the mlitary and the law and trifunctionalism remained.

4) The germanic aristocracy captured the Church as a holding company for land under primogeniture, and so the aristocracy (military and land), traders and transporters (law), and nobility(church and peasantry), maintained the trifunctional equilibrium. (There is no means of concentrating capital as in the flood river valley civs, so it means federations of aristocracy were necessary – especially in germany.)

5) As such the church failed to fully reform into the acquinian and scholastic model of natural law, uniting christianity and science, in response to darwin. The french left in response to the french revolution, and the jewish left in response to the world wars, were successful in disintermediating the aristocracy and the military ending trifunctionalism, and driving to jewish and french authoritarianism (positive law) – replacing the church by merging it weith the secular state.

6) The jewish left then captured the institutions, and converted them from vehicles for training the aristocracy, nobiliy, and upper middle class into responsibility for administration of the state, economy,and polity, into CREDENTIALISM which allowed jewish intellectuals to pseudo-intellectuals whose purpose was to destroy the institutions of cultural production in europe,m replacing trifunctionalism with authoritrian clerecy.

So the correct answer is that christianity ALONE is too weak to resist the authoritarian religion of the left, and requires military aristocracy, and rule of law, and demonstrated competency in real life instead of certification by credentialism (academies).

My work attempts to fix this problem and reverse the process of destruction of our civilization. Because we must both repair our law, restore meritocracy over credentialism, restore our military aristocracy, complete the unification of christianity and science started by Aquinas, nearly completed by blackstone, Smith, Hobbes-Locke, and Hume: the natural law (as I define it): “the law of man, of nature, and nature’s god.”

There is no other solution.

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