Loosing Natural Female Behavior – and The End Of Marriage

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In Response to “The Rise Of Lonely, Single & Sexless Men”

Another way of interpreting the present is that there is no ‘rise’ in lonely single men. Instead, there is a restoration of the long history of lonely single men seeking alliances, and social and economic and political organization with other men – given that only a minority of men possess the property and ability to profit from it, to pay the high cost of a woman.

Now, the cost of marginal difference sufficient for entering a compromise we call marriage for women has increased by the exchange of women producing personal consumption instead of children, entering the workforce and displacing men from ‘easy jobs’ into harder and more dangerous jobs – or out of the workforce entirely.

So we have restored the traditional male-female sex and relationship ratios that was temporarily alleviated by the industrial revolution that you and most people today hold as remaining living memory (late 19th early 20th centuries).

In the past women either were married (got a job as a wife raising children) stayed at home with aging parents, did paid housekeeping work and lived with parents or other women, or engaged in prostitution or some mixture of prostitution and work.

For this reason I don’t see the incentive of marriage to continue other than among the upper middle and upper classes, who demonstrate the same ability to manage physical capital as they do familial capital.

In other words, the people who treat family as a business that produces returns will continue to marry, while the rest of the population will return to serial relationships with men trading some income for sex and care, but these relationships lasting the traditional four to seven years, before both parties ‘upgrade’.

Worse, I think that despite the victorian age’s attempt to aggrandize women, the 15th century attempt to develop romance between men and women, and the medieval attempt to domesticate male treatment toward women with chivalry. And the church’s long march to try to domesticate both men and women.

All of these traditions – centuries of work to reconcile natural differences between female hyperconsumption and selfishness, and male capitalization and competitiveness have been destroyed by left-wing feminism.

And what is emerging is our traditional, ancient, understanding and reluctant acceptance that the vast majority of women, when left to their devices, are unrepentant mentally unstable self-interested children who are a bane on civilizaation if unregulated.

Is that what we want as ‘the new normal’? Becuase that’s what’s happening. Why? The only reason for marriage as we understand it was ‘property and inheritance’ and marriage evolved with property.

Otherwise, humans engage, as we see in the return of ghetto behavior, in low-cost serial relationships for consideration, care, and sex. And, men and women, historically, lived largely separate lives. Women with women and children. And men with men.

Is that what we want? We falsely believe that monogamous marriage is the human norm. It isn’t. Never was. It’s an institution of compromise made necessary by the hard work of production under agrarianism.

One response to “Loosing Natural Female Behavior – and The End Of Marriage”

  1. This ignores everything I said during the staff meeting. Regardless of whether monogamous marriage is a natural state, present conditions which disincentivize marriage most certainly aren’t. So:
    End alimony.
    End child support to single mothers other than in the event of husbands dead or dissolution of marriage where wife provably carried no fault.
    End affirmative action.
    End credentialism.
    Start harshly punishing feminism and every form of degenerate and anti-family propaganda.
    Only allow media that promote marriage, reproduction and two-parent family with traditional division of labor or denigrates alternative lifestyles.
    Start teaching boys and girls how to be husbands and fathers or wives and husbands among other vital life skills.
    Promote coaching and therapy services that actually help fix marriages instead of justifying divorce.
    End financialism and end tax burden that makes single-income homes impossible.
    Provide tax breaks for children within marriage.
    Penalize employers and schools that keep women of reproductive age and mothers out of homes.
    And when this is done, yet the situation doesn’t improve, I’ll say you were right.

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