Sex Differences in Intelligence Manifesting as European vs Ashkenazi Intelligence

Females demonstrate superior verbal and picture IQ, and males demonstrate superior systematizing and spatial IQ. Jewish IQ is identical to Arab at 85. Ashkenazi IQ is an expression of admixture of female Europeans and male Jews. Their IQ distribution is as expected in hybrids.

The sex difference in intelligence is manifest as sex differences genetics in gene pools by hybridization. And we observe it as utility of superior communication, negotiation, and persuasion skills in some fields over others, particularly in those enabled by media, academy, govt.

Likewise we observe gene-pool elites self selecting as sexes self-select into those industries that favor the utility of their advantages. Unfortunately, instead of prewar meritocracy, under postwar credentialism to fight the soviets, combined w marxism it inverted western govt.

So between introgression of female voters, postwar jews, and their marxism, neo-marxism, postmodernism, pc-woke, anti-male – anti-family feminism, and race marxism (woke), we have created a evolved a feminine government unable to maintain competitive advantage on the world stage

Yet every civilization that has even approached this level of femininization has rapidly collapsed. Every single one.

Instead of integrating women into the economy and polity by equality of opportunity, women provided a market in education, academy, media, politics, and voters to reverse the institutionalization of individual responsibility and results, that European civilization produced.

So the Jewish neo-marxist ‘war against western institutions of cultural production by the march through the institutions’ combined with fertile ground of female minds, produced the deterministic result we’ve seen throughout history.

So how does one reverse the intentional destruction of western institutions that have made possible both the ancient world and the modern? Easy: equally suppress female antisocial warfare as we have suppressed male antisocial warfare. But no such criminal surrenders voluntarily.

This leads to the question:Do women who are indoctrinated by them, and Jewish intellectuals who advance the feminine method of warfare against western institutions of cultural production of responsibility know they’re committing crimes when they fantasize they’re oppressed? Nope.

Now, I want to make something clear, that it’s not just empathizing-verbal-now vs systematizing-spatial-over-time IQ that separates the sexes and the Whites vs Ashkenazim. But that exercising verbal IQ is less costly than spatial IQ because it’s a factor of brain organization.

So what we observe in women and Ashkenazim vs male Europeans is the work capacity of the female, empathizing, verbal, in-time, brain is higher than the male systematizing, physical and spatial. Just like females have more copies of DNA for cellular repair. Marathons vs Sprints.

The best thing a people can do for themselves is maintain aggressive selection between families to prevent regression to the mean – which is unavoidable. And it can take six generations to produce a class-isolate sufficient for aristocracy and nobility.

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