Intersexual Relations: It’s not “malleable” it’s “adaptable”.


PEARL (ALL): I’d like to ‘correct’ or ‘reframe’ this discussion.

1) female empathizing and it’s exaggeration in puberty is so that she can extend her nervous system to manage a number of rug rats by pure intuition.

2) both sexes are maximally reciprocally adaptive to each other during their teens thru about 23 or so when neurological maturity is reached.

3) We intersexually adapt by putting our mate’s interests ahead of ours whenever possible. It’s this ‘exchange’ that produces durable relationships.

4) after neurological maturity, humans, like all other animals, almost all of whom mature usually by age four or so, lose their reciprocal adaptability and evolve more self-interest: ‘dominance expression’.

5) that’s how we domesticate animals – by delaying and limiting maturity so that they lower their dominance expression.

6) Both males and females express dominance differently: men physically, economically, and politically, and women emotionally, verbally, and socially.

7) So the correct framing of this dating behavior, is that by the combination of extended high school beyond what is necessary (it’s just allowing mothers to work in the workforce, not for educating students), and by extending education into college, and delaying childbirth, we are exhausting the period of intersexual adaptability AND female adaptability of her interests in favor of her offspring.

8) This results in female hyperconsumption of attention (HOE phase, self-decoration, self-nesting), instead of directing her desire for hypergamy and hyperconsumption to the production of and well-being of her offspring.

9) Conversely the male equivalent of female hyperconsumption is the acquisition of responsibility that produces status. But the offshoring of non-stem work for men has led to an inability to demonstrate competency, and acquire responsibility, and as a consequence, just as women check out of childbearing, men check out of responsibility building (this is the same behavior in both sexes – responsibility evasion.). So this leads to sports – originally a substitute for abandoning hunting. And gaming – originally a substitute for sports, which in turn is a substitute for hunting.

10) So as a result both sexes are abandoning ‘investment in genetic capital necessary to preserve the population as a going concern”. This is leading to a ‘lost generation’ and now a second ‘lost generation’ is in progress. If we. observe other countries that lose generations it leads to economic stagnation and collapse and the end of the possibility of intergenerational transfers (welfare, health care, retirement funding). Every woman that does not bear replacement children, and every man that does not pay for that generation with his responsibility is effectively consuming the world resources and free-riding on those people who DO produce replacement populations.

11) My job is the truth of things. And this is the truth of things. It doesn’t mean we like the truth. In fact, the reason we need the truth at all is largely to tell us things we prefer not to know. Because they require us to pay the costs of our existence, rather than export responsibility for our existence onto others.

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