Jewish Differences

This is an area I’ve done a great deal of work in, and while you’re on the right track, the answer is rather simple – more so than you’d imagine. Here’s a hint: a) Jewish exceptionalism (verbal, pictorial), b) work capacity. c) and jewish mental illness, d) and jewish anti-social behavior share a common origin: the sex differenxes in brain organization, bias, and defect expression. So the question is, e) did generations of selection narrow or reverse sex differences in cognition? And of course, if we f) combine male jewish diaspora with southern european females, g) and then push the population through bottlnecks, and h) use upward reproduction by rabbis, we’d get exactly what we observe. And within a decade or so we’ll narrow down the SNPs sufficiently to demonstrate it. Even thought in the data we have to date, including rahter odd tendency for ashkenazim to demonstrate female ‘adaptive’ sexuality.

Now I’m not going to plow through all the literature in this little comment block, but you can put money on this solution as correct.

Curt Doolittle

The Natural Law Institute

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