Yes, the Marxist Category includes Marxist Spectrum of Sophistries, Pseudosciences, and Frauds.

Yes, it’s all “Marxism” where “Marxism” as we use it, refers to the reformation of abrahamic supernatural religions of false promise in excahgne for social construction of an oppression narrative, into marxist pseudoscientific religions of false promise in exchange for social construction of an oppression narrative.

–“So-called “Cultural Marxism” is not Marxist. To Marx our material conditions produce our ideologies, not the other way around. All of Marxism is built on that historical materialist, rather than idealist, assumption. It’s what makes Marxism Marxism, its defining characteristic.”– Bill Hickey

First, Formal and informal institutions are in fact material conditions. This is the purpose of Hayek’s insights: So that we do not engage in self-deception as by Marx’s cherrypicking. Instead, in formation, institutions, habits, norms, and traditions are assets.

Second, AFAIK, and this will take a bit of understanding: the female method of undermining, storytelling, and social construction (Sedition) > The Abrahamic religions (Supernaturalism) > The Marxist spectrum of religions (Pseudoscience) all use the same logical and persuasive METHOD.

So, Feminine > Abrahamic > Maxist undermining, sedition, and treason, combine masculine European systematizing (logic) with feminine Semitic undermining (resistance) and mythicism. That’s the ‘invention’ of the Jewish religion, the Abrahamic religions, and the Marxist religions.

In other words, the reason female rallying, Abrahamism and Marxism succeed is by blaming (others) men (white european males, indo european civilization, paternalism) who discover and adapt to nature for the laws of nature, claiming thier oppression, rather than domestication.

The interesting question posed by the success of Feminine(Universal)> Abrahamic(Ancient)> Marxist(Modern) sequence of seditious cults, is “Why are we so vulnerable to the feminine method of suggestion despite its untestifiability, unwarrantability, non-correspondence w/ reality?

The answer is rather obvious: because it suggests that by consent to a social construction that denies the formal, physical, behavioral, and evolutionary laws of the universe, that we can escape those laws (truth, scarcity, rational self interest, natural selection).

So the feminine > abrahamic > marxist cults of sedition, which evolved in the females as a means of organizing betas against alphas, to gain control over reproduction, promises the impossible violation of natural laws if rallying against men can be performed against nature.

Now, I’ve decomposed their method down to a formal logic of its first causes and fully articulated the feminine> Abrahamic> Marxist means of warfare by sedition and treason using social construction of false promises. And it’s possible to outlaw like any other FRAUD or SEDITION.

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