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Askenazi have narrowed or reversed cognitive sexual dimorphism, thinking and valuing in lower cost empathy, pictures, and words

Compared to europeans who are dimorphic and our males think in costly systems and simulations.

Europeans specialized in arts, production, invention, trade, statehood and war, and civilizational development.

So while Europeans have invented nearly everything of consequence in world history, the Ashkenazi, most literate, invented nothing … but organized crime.

However, once (a) Europeans become competitors in literacy, and brought about the transport, trade, commercial, financial, industrial revolutions, and ‘defensive’ institutions against crime, we experimented (again) with inclusion of the Ashkenazi in society and state.

Desiring the status previously prohibited to them, the western jews tried integrating and Mendelsohn had reformed jewish law accordingly. This was partly successful despite jewish hatred of westerners and their ambitions to rule them through financialism.

The result: Marxist >NeoMarxist >Postmodern >Feminist >NeoCon >Libertarian >PC-Woke Sequence – where the Jewish Mythologists recreated another ‘heretical religion’ with pseudoscience to destroy and rule the west again as they had the Christian destruction of the ancient world.

However, their victory, using organized crime including the organized crime of religion, was our fault. Because while the Jews moved NeoMarxism to the USA postwar, our emphasis on mass education led to ‘CREDENTIALISM’ instead of demonstrated competency in industry and war.

Whereas masculine European cognition in demonstrated competency(Evidence) in industry(productive/commercial) and war(defensive/state) dominated our political elite pre-war, in the postwar, govt growth and managerialism favored feminine cognition and credentialism(Hypothesis).

So under the change to large, bureaucratic, government (imitating the soviets where Russians had previously been undermined by Jews from within by the same means), our academy converted from Loyal European Martial to Hostile Jewish Clerical, as did all our govt institutions.

By introgression of women into politics(voting) pre-war, and into the workforce during the war, the Ashkenazi found in women in the modern age, the same that they had found in the ancient world: a population desirous of a feminine religion – this time of modernity,

So as these Ashkenazi seditious political movements set about destroying the west again through their oft stated ‘march through the institutions of cultural production’ they were able to do so by convincing(indoctrinating) enough women to skew the voting enough to empower it.

So I won’t go into more here, but to sum up all human groups vary in both physical and cognitive dimorphism, and resulting cultural norms, traditions, values, institutions, metaphysics, logics, means of persuasion – and so we do ‘think differently’ just as males and females do.

And in military, political, industrial, civilizational development males and europeans (correspondence, system prediction, physical modeling) will do better than females and ashkenazi. But in credentialism (memory, vebal articulation, emotional modeling), Jews will.

Worse, the majority of the pseudoscientists, and almost all of the pseudoscientists in the behavioral sciences, have been ashkenazi. The reason is that they demonstrate feminine cognitive bias, which places the desirable above the true. As such most all of jewish psueudoscience from Freud, Boas, Marx, thru Lewontin and Gould, through Pinker and the rest, have demonstrated the feminine cognitive bias producing well articulated, comforting to read, equality promising falsehoods. It’s worse in physic due to Einstien using picture-math, and Bohr using verbal-math, instead of the european tradition of physical-math. And together these jewish academics have nearly brought our social and physical sciences to an end – we’ve made no progress in a century.

Yet in applied science (technology), dominated by european males, we’ve made profound leaps in iinnovation – despite that our civilization is being destroyed under our feet.

But don’t claim that Ashkenazim, with superior feminine verbal skills and empathizing who will be superior at feminine storytelling, and will use the female method of seduction, as do mothers, to mollify their children, are not. ‘superior’ in academic credentialism. They are.

But do not likewise claim that they can be taught to think as men any more than can women. They don’t. They can’t.

In the end the world has a masculine elite (europeans) and feminine elite (european Jews: the ashkenazim). And we think,intuit, and feel, like males and females, and we express sex differences in in evolutionary strategy.

As such, we must either war, separate, or equally suppress the female means of anti-social behavior, sedition, treason, and warfare as we have of male means of the same. Because women and jews war by organized crime – by circumvention, undermining, sedition, treason within.

Of course, because I work in differences in perception, cognition, valuation,expression, organization, and war – I favor fixing the law to prohibit the feminine and Jewish means of anti-social behavior, undermining, sedition, treason and war.

That’s what my work accomplishes.

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