Race Differences are Substantial

Ok, I’ll be the one to say it: doesn’t this have frankly harrowing racial implications?

A) Race differences are existential and substantive – at least at scale – given they’re caused by 1) continental variation in neotenic evolution (domestication syndrome) during periods of geographic isolation. 2) variation in sexual dimorphism 3) variation in class size within.

B) 1) Class size variation is caused by selection pressure under climate, domestication, and agrarianism resulting in variation in average IQ between groups. 2) Class size variation is only ameliorated by suppression of rates of reproduction of the ‘unfit’.

C) 1. Unfitness is demonstrated by absence of capacity to learn increasingly abstract sequences of operations and subsequent causal relations. 2. At present that is an IQ of around 85. That number increases with every decade we add complexity to knowledge, economy and work force.

D) 1. Combined with reversal of suppression of reproduction of the unfit, suppression of the fit, particularly educated women, and immigration from groups with lower average IQ’s our IQ average peaked and is reversing.

E) 1. We will intersect at some near point between rising complexity and declining IQ. 2. Evidence is that democdratic government is increasingly impossible below the mid 90s. And in fact may require >105 for sustainability and likely > 115 for continous improvement.

F) 1. While prewar ‘soft’ eugenics movements were largely correcting for industrialization, the postwar marxist neoMarxist Postmodern antiMale-Feminist, and PC-Woke Movements are substantially nothing more than a pseudoscientific religious rebellion against Darwin.

G) 1. As we have seen in recent summarizations of the body of research, diversity is a universal bad. 2.Why? Because groups mature at different rates in different distributions creating demand for different norms, traditions, values, institutions that are tolerable to them.

H) 1. So the only solution to universal cooperation and harmony is exactly what had emerged prior to the world wars: understanding that small homogenous nation states provide (a) commons desired by their demographic composition (b) economic gains thru trade (c) limits on power.

I) 1. Race differences are substantive and closed to amelioration and can only be sedated with extraordinary growth no longer achievable with the populations we possess. 2. Diversity is a bad producing ‘hostility by proximity’ that prohibits customization of polities and commons.

J) 1. Harmony is producible, redistribution maximizable, as small homogenous nation states. The only value of political size is the financing of war and the accumulation of debt together produce war deterministically. We are all kith/kin as nation states, enemies in empires.

K) The chance that I err in this analysis is not, but approaches zero. The question is “Why do the academy, the politicians, the financial sector, and the media lie to you when the evidencde is overwhelming?” The answer is rent seeking, profit, and power over you.

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