Study Law not Philosophy

There’s a huge difference between
1) people going to school and receiving other voluntary credentials with which to appeal to the public, and
2) the gov’t making it illegal for people to sell their services unless they have the required credentials

Robert P. Murphy @BobMurphyEcon

REASON:The state acts as the insurer of last resort. The mechanism of insurance is the court and the suit. The state-insurer seeks to reduce insurance claims in court by prior restraint (regulation). Especially those where restitution is time consuming, expensive, or impossible.

When court resolves differences it must decide responsiblity, blame, restitution, punishment, and prevention. Regulation arises when the market for services is suppressed by the unpredictable quality of market participants. Markets advance by predictable quality (weights/mesures)

Weights and Measures, Trademark (weight and measure), and licence (Weight and Measure) exist to prevent fraud, to reduce opportnity, transaction, and conflict resolution costs, together causing decreases in risks, costs, prices, and economic velocity.

Most of the time, libertarianism (philosophical anarchism) is an attempt to avoid the history of the law (empirical evidence of human disputes), by taking advantage human ignorance that moral intuition is the result of moral norms produced by the application that law.

Most of the time Rothbardian Libertarianism is a seduction (fraud) that seeks to avoid the rule of law of the natural law of reciprocity in display word and deed, therefor preserving ‘scams’ under the fales pretense of rational choice, as if we are possessed of equal knowledge.

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