A Lesson In Civilizational Capital

Look. This guy [Harry] had mental health issues. He married a woman [Meghan] that would dominate him, and take charge of the social and political atmosphere around him. She captured, contained, and manipulated him. And for him she’s a debilitating drug instead of therapy. #PrinceHarryhasgonemad

Dr Benjamin Janaway @drjanaway
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These are astonishingly specific formulative claims considering you have talked to neither nor have the training to make such claims. Why should anybody take this as true?

Easy to answer. But … You have the motive to respond. You are not falsifying the claim. You engaged in ad hom instead. Why?

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Nice job evading answering their question.

Well you know, when countering an intellectually dishonest person, attempting to engage in deception, especially by means of distraction, one does not ‘take the bait’ but works to eliminate the dishonesty and deceit so the truth can be sought from a reciprocal condition. 😉

Ryan Clarke @_RyanClarke_ Replying to@curtdoolittle and @drjanaway
Your fueling the hate curt.

Some of us take responsibility for the commons. If you won’t and you don’t. Then perhaps you should consider remaining a spectator and not counseling the rest of us spectate, while millennia of gains of our high trust civilization are undermined by Anti-Darwinian infantilization

Non-conflict is surrender, not tolerance. And the difference between conviction and convenience, tolerance and laziness, is whether what we defend is informational, behavioral, human, and institutional capital upon which our high trust depends.

And more pointedly, the difference between necessary discipline maintaining domestication and civilization in that high trust civilization, is again, whether what we defend is informational, behavioral, human, and institutional capital upon which our high trust depends.

And all behavioral capital, and the capital in informational, human, cultural, formal institutional forms to propagate it, is reducible to emotional discipline, producing agency, then responsibility, then all that capital – a commons which reduces the price of existence for all.

It is non-obvious and requires more than a trivial understanding of the universe, and man, that the greatest returns a society can produce for one another is the demand we all pay the psychological and emotional tax of mindfulness -> agency -> responsibility for self and commons.

It is this high behavioral tax, and the high investment parenting it requires, and some replacement for church and military discipline, that made possible the European miracles of the proto-European political, the Mediterranean rational, and the modern Atlantic scientific

Not reading all that shit mate – Ryan Clarke @_RyanClarke_

Too bad. It’s probably the most important concept of in political economy, upon which all you depend is built, that you will ever have offered to you by someone who would even bother to expend a breath on you.

We have spent the past seventy years or more falsifying the experiment with mass democracy. It requires incentives, character and knoweldge. And the three only appear to manifest in the middle, upper middle, and lower upper classes with any frequency.

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