Democracy isn’t a goal. It’s a Luxury born of success at Rule of Law of Natural Law


Not a historian but an idealogue:

Democracy wasn’t and isn’t the goal it’s a means. Liberty by Sovereignty was and is the goal. Prohibition on authority the means of achieving it. Rule of Law of self-determination by sovereignty in demonstrated interests (merit) and reciprocity in display word and deed (morality) the means of testing it. Expression of Authority whether by democratic numbers, elites, or by individuals doesn’t matter.

Instead of democracy, our institutions favor Commonality (via negativa law) and Concurrency (via positiva votes and legislation). So if you don’t know the meaning of the terms reciprocal insurance (citizenship) of self-determination by self-determined means (freedom, liberty). Sovereignty in demonstrated interest. Reciprocity in display word and deed. Limiting us to voluntary markets for cooperation (markets for consumption, legislatures for commons) and resolution of disputes(courts). Commonality (the common empirical evidence of the resolution of disputes by test of tort), or Concurrency (agreement across the regions, classes, and sexes). Then you don’t understand that the American system, evolved from the British system, evolved from the germanic, evolved from the roman, evolved from the greek, evolved from the west indo-european steppe herders, evolved from the only possible political system for cart, chariot, horse raiders (and sea peoples, and Vikings, and pirates), then why are you talking about something as significant as the most advanced political system ever designed by man, with the least variation from the most scientific system possible?

These well meaning fools are as offensive as the Marxists, neoMarxists, Postmodernists, Feminists, Neocons, Libertarians, and Woke. They’re overconfident, ignorant, intellectual children.

The western tradition is organized to maximize individual responsibility. The franchise was the compensation for demonstration that one was responsible as a ‘shareholder’ (citizen) who would also reciprocally insure by force if necessary, the sovereignty of others and the reciprocity and institutions that insured that reciprocity. Unlike Hindu aristocratic castes, Sinic aristocratic family hierarchy, Semitic Priestly Tribalism ‘Aristocratic Egalitarianism’ was the result: our ability to rotate classes from slave to serf to freeman to citizen to sovereign.

There are about eight holes in the US constitution that left open the war against the west through the marxist to woke march through the institutions of cultural production as they wrote they would, they financed, and they achieved. I’ve spent my adult life on ‘Sciencing’ the law. And in doing so plugging those holes.

Those holes fix problems of procedure and vulnerabilities in the law that permit the crimes against our people and our civilization, by restoring the purpose of politics as the elimination of constraints rather than the distribution of privileges and so called ‘goods’. ie: the west is via negativa: the rest are via-positiva. And that is why they failed to produce the political, philosophical, empirical, scientific, and commercial revolutions that the west did faster than all the rest combined, despite our small numbers, and distance from the intersection of the four continents of europe, asia, afro-asia (MENA), and africa.

Democracy isn’t a goal because it always and everywhere must lead to communism, authoritarianism, and tyranny, collapse, and war. If instead, we say we are seeking the suppression of irreciprocity (crime, private sector and public sector corruption, sedition and war), and the reduction of costs of goods, services, information and commons for all, and in doing so maintaining not only reciprocity but proportionality, then that is a good.

But ‘democracy’ claims are just communism and tyranny by other means, and cannot be otherwise. The Postwar Project Failed, precisely because we sold democracy instead of rule of law by the natural law of sovereignty, reciprocity, concurrency, and commonality, regardless of the means by which we select which commons to invest in, then we would not have given license to the marxist-to-woke on one hand, and the Islamic, Sinic, Russian, and south american rebellion against modernity, and we could have and should have suppressed the (Jewish) marxist, neoMarxist, postmodern, feminist, libertarian, neoconservative, class, by class rebellions against the 3500 year tradition of western demand we all mature into responsibility for both private and common before we have voice in matters of public consequence.

Cheers Curt Doolittle The Natural Law Institute

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