Nietzche was wrong on jews.

Cofnas is intellectually embarrassing for the vapid criticism that denies that group strategies exist — when I can identify group strategies just by linguistic analysis, just as we can identify sex, class, ethnicity from it.

Nietzche was wrong. Jews are a feminine race, but(a) much much higher aggression. Aggression decreased with the four racial speciation events, african > south eurasian > european > east asian. (b) Askenazim seem to have either narrowed OR reversed sexual cognitive dimorphism.

The Nietzchean observation of aggression failed to recognize that men and women are equally aggressive but male aggression results in resolution and repositioning of the status hierarchy, but female aggression Never Stop. J’s war incessantly using undermining as do females.

All groups evolved different market(competitive) strategies, supporting metaphysics(presumptions), myths, methods of education, persuasion, argument, lying & Institutions for the intergenerational transfer both formal and informal.
European=Masculine, Jewish=Feminine.

Moreover, male(european) and female(jewish) antisocial behavior is more informative than language, and we differ not only in mechanical vs verbal excellences, we differ in anti-sociality, of which lying and denying, and the means (systemizing vs emotional) is least variant.

This narrowing or reversal of cognitive dimorphism is demonstrated in all behavior from sexual plasticity, math as verbal-pictures, verbal acuity, conflating desirable and true, storytelling, sophistry, undermining, blame avoidance, and bias to verbal/social occupations.

We are within a decade of demonstrating this in the genetics, but given the sex differences are the origin of all perceptual, cognitive, valuative, and expressive differences (other than neural resistance) then and evidence from every field, it’s painfully obvious.

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