Response to Nathan Confas’ Repeat of Previous Non-Arguments Against MacDonald

This is my magnum opus on the Jewish question and my final reply to @TOOEdit
. I respond to every important objection raised over the past 5 years. – is it just IQ? – role in open borders – why Jews avoid white nationalism – reasons for anti-Semitism etc.” — Nathan Cofnas @nathancofnas

Still No Evidence for a Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy
Evolutionary Psychological Science – I recently criticized some key tenets of what I called the “anti-Jewish narrative,” particularly as defended by Kevin MacDonald. According to…


Sigh. A repeat of the previous attempts. I assume KM will answer.

All groups demonstrate a strategy that’s partly genetic and partly embedded in institutions and culture, and transfers as reliably as class and morals across generations. How to test it? Pervasive language analysis.

I can enumerate in painful detail Jewish(feminine) and European(masculine) group strategies, their biological and cultural origins, the reasons for their durability, the success of Jewish postwar introgression, as well as the Jewish and Christian destruction of the ancient world.

Likewise, I can enumerate the reason for the 3500+ yr history of western civilization and why it resulted in trifuctionalism, the origin of reason, rule of law, democracy, empiricism, and science, and evolved faster than all other civilizations combined EXCEPT under Christianity.

As has been claimed over the centuries both inside of judaism and from outside observers, the conflict not only between jews and europans, and europeans and semites, is the sex difference in intuition, cognition, behavior, and its manifestation in our institutions.

So from the vantage point of experts, whether MacDonald’s analysis of intellectual history, or mine from genetics to metaphysical presumptions, to linguistic expression – to where we unconsciously expose our minds in crime, antisociality, and lying you’re out of your depth.

And the worst part is that such intellectual pretense is preventing resolution of the problem, which is the failure to update our common law defense against the female means of antisocial/political behavior in social construction by equal suppresion as we have male conspiracy.

The cognitively feminine mind (empathizing prediction and responsibility evasion), and extension into social, economic, and political realms under democracy and media isn’t voluntary or rational in the same sense as the male (systematizing prediction, responsibility seeking)

Women didn’t find intellectual leadership among them, but in postwar Jewish intellectuals that converted Christian liberalism under European tradition into Jewish marxism against European tradition. This is why the marsist-to-woke series is as illogical as was Abrahamic religion.

And to say it was an accident is nonsense. (a) yes we are all victims of our genes, and of our cultures. (b) No, a large number of Jewish intellectuals (perceiving themselves incorrectly as moral), reacted against the high cost of European civ’s maximization of reponsibility.

(c) and with intent and malice of forethought,set out in a self-described ‘destruction of institutions of cultural production(responsibility)” by a “march through the institutions” using “the newly available credentialism of the academy” replacing industrial/military achievement.

(d) And kin preference, ingroup loyalty, shared political intution, and shared cognitive bias, achieved in less than a century through a war within, repeated what they’d done to Rome, with the sufficiently cognitively feminine males,and enough females to capture our institutions.

So empirically in the linguistic evidence that is universal throughout time, in the means of occupation, persuasion, narration, argument, logic, and subsequent political theorizing, academic production, and capture of institutions, MacDonald (and others) are correct.

So as we have said with genetics and race, as we said with sex differences in cognition, and IQ and class differences, ‘get out ahead the problem’ which is falsifying every claim of the postwar pseudoscientific counter-revolution against the Darwinian explanation for western civ.

I want everyone to get along. We all commit crimes. Female intuition causes different antisociality, and Jewish expression of female antisociality is creating crimes of sedition and treason against the 3500 years of European project that’s almost exclusively rescued mankind.

The European tradition is the most emotionally psychologically costly of all civilizations through all of time because it maximizes individual responsibility for personal, private, and common thereby reducing frictions of cooperation, enabling maximum cooperative velocity.

Yet the Jewish tradition as the female intuition, resists responsibility for the commons at the expense of identity and separation that provides group coherence, in those host civilizations that will tolerate their industrialization of baiting into hazard (irresponsibility).

The only way we resolve such differences in culture and sex and class differences while preserving liberty, freedom, sovereignty, the innovation, adaptation, and evolution that produces our prosperity, is through suppression of such irreciprocity (rent seekings esp) via law.

The simple people view the world as good and evil, the less simple as order and chaos, the less reason and madness. But the truth is, all language consists of negotiation, and as such the scientific view of the world is between reciprocity(morality) & theft(irreciprocity, crime).

And there are no cases remaining that we can’t reduce to reciprocity/irreciprocity: morality/criminality. And many of us jaywalk or speed. And some of us seek profit by baiting into hazard with false promises we can evade the formal, physical, behavioral, and evolutionary laws.

It’s not a problem of anything other than our failure to update the common law that limited us to honest reciprocal discourse, the court, or the duel. Women were prohibited from shrilling, gossiping, undermining, defamation, and sedition.

Free false speech was the camel’s nose.


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