So why is islam desirable for many?

1. Avg IQ in Islam 84, avg IQ in Christendom 100 – one full standard deviation. 2. Low trust civilization favoring facelessness (vs truth), familism, clannism, tribalism over nationalism, and where cheating and corruption are heroic and expected. 3. Islam’s mandate of ignorance.

2. But because it’s a religion for populations with low average IQs (majority underclass populations) in a low trust, heterogeneous polities, it forces brothers, cousins, and uncles to create a family-as-state substitute, and extreme conservatism (risk avoidance) out of familial defense.

3. So Islam like marxism is desirable by underclasses and those who want control over themselves, their family, and their relations, when national, political, and institutional failure prevent homogenous nation-states with majority genetic middle classes from forming SCALE polities.

4. The primary driver of the success of each religion is due to the organizing properties of the religion, the division of responsibility it indoctrinates us into, and the IQ and heterogeneity vs homogeneity of the population. European high trust requires small homogenous polities.

5. Demographics generate the need for rules that are understandable and attainable. Religions largely serve civilizations, civilizations serve races, and races reflect LEAPS in domestication syndrome and resulting IQ increases across the four human speciation events.

6. The human speciation events are East Africa rift valley, dry Persian gulf pre-flood, Tibetan cold range, European peninsula, and ancestral north Eurasian (N Russia). All other events are hybridizations. w/ races all as different as Europeans, Asians, and Africans pre-agrarian.

7. As much as it angers Christians, Xianity was a jewish heresy that like marxism using the same techniques as marxism, was used to seditiously undermine the ancient Mediterranean world. Islam destroyed seven major civilizations and reduced them to ashes of ignorance -dysgenia.

8. So, be careful what makes your population happy. Fake mindfulness is the ‘devil’s work’. If the occult has any truth to it, we know the name of the devil, his name was Abraham, he was from Ur, and the Jews and Muslims are his servants. That’s why all great civilizations died.

9. Abrahamic Religion is the opiate of the masses. It does not kill people so much as civilization, progress, genetics, and intelligence – it is the slowest poison invented by man.

10. If that is offensive I am sorry. Because as far as I know if god exists, we know his commands, because they are the laws of the universe, and all of those laws begin with the only word he spoke, and the only word he needed to speak: “Evolve.” That is the only command god made.

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