The Universal Answer To “White Privilege”

This parody account gave me an opportunity to riff off the humor with something serious:

–“Name a favorite childhood memory and I will tell you why it is rooted in your ignorant white privilege.”– @AnnLesbyPhD, Ann Lesby, PhD (she/her)

Ignorant? Whiteness consists of (a) the informal and formal institutional means of maximizing individual responsibility(maturity) for well-being and status (b) science, reason,and truth before face (c) maintaining adherence to biological economic, and political natural selection.

‘Whites’ pay a high cost for ‘Whiteness’, and the WEALTH, REPUTATION and STATUS that results. ‘Whiteness’ is the most psychologically and emotionally costly (burdensome) behavioral economy ever developed by any civilization – with Japan/SK as the only close neighbors, ever.

Whiteness isn’t universally practiced among whites – as we have seen white lower classes slowly revert to the African family structure following that of black america’s reversion to that structure. Whereas family is the industry that produces our scope and scale of responsibility

There is no ‘white privilege’. There is a sterotype (accurate statistical probability) that ‘whites’ will practice ‘whiteness’, and demonstrate maximum responsibility, demand for it as reciprocity. White sterotype of Whiteness is EARNED every single day. At high cost by millions.

And ‘White’ rejection of, and behavioral selection against, the ‘crime’ of evading paying the high costs of Whitenss, isn’t oppression: it’s civilizing by domestication of primitive (infantile) impulse by demand for equal payment for civilization by demonstrating ‘whiteness’.

In other words, demands to evade costs of ‘Whiteness’ are just petty thefts, and social movements to evade costs of ‘Whiteness’ are organized crime, and political movements to evade costs of ‘Whiteness’ are war against the institutions of cultural production of responsibility.

In yet other words: the rise of anti-whiteness (the neoMarxist, postmodern, feminist, PC-Woke cults) is a war against civilization by the feminine instinct to avoid responsibility for reciprocal domestication into adults, and the conflict that results, as behavioral TAX EVASION.

And this feminine evasion of responsibility for bearing the cost of interpersonal stress in order to maintain ‘whiteness’ and its benefits, is the cause of infantilization, rampant degeneracy, the political confict of this era, the world rebellion against democratic liberalism.

Conversely, ‘non-whiteness’ civilizations all stagnated(IN,CN) or declined(Islam) after 800ad, exhausting agrarianism, and falling out of empirical government into similar ‘cults’ of limited responsibility. There is no difference between man, beast, and the laws of the universe.

That’s the behavioral economics of whiteness: the civilization that most discovered, applied, and adapted to the laws of the universe (nature), resulting in disproportionate evolutionary velocity and prosperity in the indo-european expansion, the ancient world, and the modern.

And the present counter-revolution in the sciences and the society from masculine intuition is exposing women as precisely the danger to democratic government that our ancestors anticipated and warned against. (Yes that hurt, but it’s true). White Stereotype=Adult Responsibility.

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