Muslims have no moral standing from which to make a moral claim. None.


You notice how often someone’s making a specious moral argument about a strategic decision? It’s the same problem as women scaling up the logic of the family to the polity, or the logic of business to the economy. Rules vary with scale precisely because knowledge varies with scale.

Middle eastern theology is equivalent to a mental cancer. Christianity is interesting in that it provided the ‘people being domesticated by the Aryans’ – who were discovering and adapting to the laws of the universe (god) in the agrarian age – a means of tolerating ‘gods’ laws.

Islam violates every single physical natural and evolutionary law. The Abrahamic religions are a revolt against nature and nature’s god. Judaism to undermine, Christianity to pacify, and Islam to conquer, destroy, and reduce to ignorance, poverty, and dysgenia. Islamic “Anti-God”

Fundamentally there is no difference between Judaism, Christianity, Islamism, and Communism. They are revolts against the natural eugenics and competitive excellence of market civilizations, high trust polities, and conformity to physical natural, and evolutionary laws.

The Abrahamic religions use false promise of freedom from those laws and not only avoidance of adaptation, but resistance to it,and war against those who are more adaptive. So it’s the same?Theological supernaturalism and sophistry, vs pseudoscientific communism and sophistry.

This technique works best in the demographic distributions centered in the ‘Evil 80’s’ where people are capable of aggression, can use sophistry, can accept supernatural or pseudoscience, but aren’t smart enough to learn or innovate into a Pareto hierarchy. Dysgenia.

I don’t make errors. Islam expanded by violence until it destroyed five great civilizations of the ancient world, and reduced them to ignorance and dysgenia, by converting from early wisdom literature to medieval scripture, of ignorance and dysgenia. Islam=violence.

So what Chinese and Europeans share is the attempt to keep the barbarians (south Eurasians) at bay. We would have to do the same with Africa if it wasn’t geographically isolated. This is why East and West evolved as they did: to limit the harms of the south eurasians.

Judeo-Christianity-Islam (judeo-arabism) has been at war with european civilization since its birth, trying to reverse the civilizational advancements of the indo european expansion, that ‘skipped’ the superstitious phase of development and institutionalized lying as a means of communication.

Europeans finally had enough and had recovered from the roman empire’s collapse enough, to conquer the middle east. That conquest was trivial for europeans to achieve, but they lost interest because it wasn’t valuable enough, when more opportnities were available at home.

When the Muslims stole Constantinople and blockaded trade, Europeans opened the age of sail, and ended the possibility of profiting from acting as a toll bridge between the continents, and forced the middle east to try to compete productively. It failed. Because of islam.  The muslims can’t form a state, a bureaucracy, or a corporation of any scale becuase islamism makes them ignorant and primitive tribal p rimitives.

Europeans finally had enough once again and set back the muslim attack on europe – and we discovered that it’s an incurable disease, and that islamic (south eurasian) invasion is a genetic hardship – an infection of genetics AND ideas that forever reduce the intellectual, social, economic, and political capacity of a people, therefore destroying good parts of the Balkans permanently.  The only thing that works is total expulsion as we had done in Spain, and as we will likely do throughout european civilization in the coming decades, as we continue to use science to defeat the Jewish pseudoscientific counter-revolution against darwin, genetics, intelligence, and personality, and the indifference between the human mammal and all other domesticated animals.  And the muslim attempt to drag European civilization into the genetic gutter with it.


The British empire collapsed leaving non-tribal borders. Oil turned out to be the tin of the modern age. America inherits the empire and tries to prevent the spread of communism into oil.

No one wanted the jews in the past, and frankly no one wants them now, we just have guilt over the second world war. Europeans evicted them from israel, so are restoring them to israel. Giving us a base to stop communist expansion. Islamists then adopted communist tactics. So now we stop islamist expansion.

The reasons for the USA’s support of Israel are strategic, (a) no one wants the Jews around the west (b) Israel provides a military base for oil defense, and intelligence services (c) And Muslim affinity for totalitarian communism – especially in Iran – Muslim oil blackmail during the 1970’s, and the Iranian revolution caused the USA to change policy from ‘wait until they civilize’ to ‘we must prevent them from harming the world while they civilize’.

Jews and Palestinians are genetically identical. Jews superior in every way. You’re embarrassed that they prove you’re primitive. That’s all. Israelis like the dutch have the ability to spread civilization, education, and technology to a primitive civilization, that the rest of us hope will slowly modernize without reducing it to ashes. Anglos/Indians are kind. Russians/Chinese aren’t. Muslims misinterpret our kindness. If India was a French colony, Gandhi never would have been an old man. If anglos hadn’t (foolishly) stopped Russia from conquering the Turks, and retaking Constantinople, and re-imposing orthodoxy, then Russia would be far more ruthless than the french on Islam. Europeans have made three strategic mistakes with mother Russia. Failing to give her that assistance, failing to help her stop her bolshevik revolution, and failing to provide a Marshall plan upon the collapse of the soviet union, and failing to integrate Russia into the west which was the point of Glasnost. Why? Because we fear the natural alliance between the continental powers of Germany (technology), eastern Europe (agrarian production) and Russia (resources and labor pool) – and we’ve been wrong every time. The enemy of Europe is the combination of the french and the jews both who practice female group strategies and both who have totalitarian ambitions to rule. Russia like china wants to rule in self-defense. The anglo civilization is naval, and we have different interests and strategies.

How about this trade: we’ll give Muslims back Israel and take the Jews away if you give us back western Anatolia and take back all your Muslims from western civilization? You don’t integrate. You’re a permanent underclass. We can’t absorb you. Would you take that trade?

America should go home, stop policing the world pattern of finance and trade, let the israelies and the monarchies fight the Iranians and the Turks into mutual destruction, and in doing so starve china of oil, and force Europe to re-arm and merge with Russia. That’s our plan. Again, if you don’t understand this then you’re simply an indoctrinated nitwit. If you can’t explain it in economic and geostrategic terms then you’re just a child ranting about moral equivalencies that adults don’t consider. Islamic world has been a cancer on mankind for 1500 years of continuous warfare.


Nope. It has been a sh-thole for a thousand years, despite three Persian attempts to recover the middle east from islam. Now Persia is so heavily Arabized (genetically) and Islamized (intellectually) and dysgenic (low average intelligence), that the recovery that was in process under the shah, and his policies of ‘oppression’ were policies of DOMESTICATION for the long term betterment of the people. If there was enough of a ‘good’ population in iran it would succeed. The problem is that there isn’t. And Iranians ‘blew’ their opportunity under the shah to make changes.

What evidence do we have that you had a better civilization before American involvement with Israel? You mean, Islamic nations were better nations in the tiny brief period between the ottoman fall and the rise of Islamism in the 20’s? I mean, Islamic warfare is by terrorism and primitivism throughout its history. European warfare is for DOMESTICATION not primitivism.

The average IQ in Iran is 84. Persians would need to de-arabize (genetically), de-islamize, adopt rule of law, and suppress the reproduction of the underclass for four to six generations in order to restore their indo european gains. yeah. The upper class is fine. The rest is Primitive. all the muslim states have been reduced to half the population in each state is incompetent for other than simple manual labor. They are not educable or trainable for any work that requires continuous adaptation. At an IQ of 84 or below, one is unemployable in even the military.  At a median of IQ of 84, 2/3 of the population can’t read and follow technical instructions, nor repair machines of multi-part complexity. There are not enough people in any arab country to form a pareto hierarchy so that a market can form. The trust level is so low, competence so low, corruption so high, that large scale organizations can’t form.  The jews weren’t able to do that themselves until we ‘sent’ them to israel so that they had to ‘sink or swim’. They still would sink without USA money, but at least they are slowly modernizing.

Until you recognize islam has been the greatest harm to mankind in human history, reduced five great civlizations to ashes, superstition, ignorance and dysgenia, killed one billion people, and are the ONLY PROBLEM the world faces today, then we will continue to ‘contain’ you.

So you can grow up, change your civilization, and join the world in scientific modernity, or you can suffer the consequences of resistance to renewed Islamic expansionism and the continuation of the 1500-year war by Islam against human life, civilization, and the laws of nature.

When you do that, then we have something to talk about. But as long as you are a threat to mankind and fail to civilize, and fail to modernize, and keep exporting Islam, terrorism, threats to the world system of energy, finance, and trade, then you’re just a problem for the world.

China is already in the process of forcible transformation of Islamists. India is just about to get there., I suspect it will take the coming civil war you and the Jews caused in the west to make the west transform. And when we do sub

saharan africa will follow us.

So you can’t make a moral claim. You have none. Instead, you should ask why we are so gentle with you, and patient with you despite the daily, yearly, decade after decade of evidence that your entire civilization is an irredeemable threat to human civilization.

The net/net? You have no moral standing from which to make a moral claim. None. One does not negotiate with civilizational cancer after 1500 years of violence ignorance, destruction and dysgenia. We are domesticating you slowly and gently. The alternative is always still available.

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