The Source of Evil

We increase our law – a law evolved to suppress the irreciprocity among males and the male strategy of force – to also suppress the irreciprocity among females, and the female strategy of denial, deceit, seduction, false promise, baiting into hazard, undermining, reputation destruction, and destruction of the institutions of cooperation we call the institutions of cultural production.

It’s this female strategy that we are fighting against – because we didn’t protect against female anti-social and anti-political behavior. Yet we included women into the political franchise, and allowed jews into the polity, economy, franchise, and institutions – when the jews are as much a master of the female means of warfare as europeans are of the male means of warfare.

Pandora is the source of evil. The box is the Abrahamic method of deception. The priesthood is the jews. And women are its acolytes.

You wouldn’t think it’d be possible to outlaw this but It is and I’ve done it. We need only the political power to institutionalize it and very rapidly the market for the suppression of their immorality and warfare against us will be stopped – not once – but forever.

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