Is Culture Enough to Restore Western Civ?

Good Piece by @ConceptualJames today.

One disagreement: James believes in the efficacy cultural change because that is the venue of his competency. Some of us (myself included) have less confidence in culture producing policy, legislative, and constitutional changes.

Why? Because fundamantally, as a first principle, the left is selling freedom fromresponsibiilty and the right is demanding individual responsibility. “The right has nothing to sell to women and immigrants.”

And so, some of us simply see too much risk in exclusively depending upon cultural change. For our part (our organization) presumes:
1) discourse has failed (institutional capture)
2) voting has failed (women and immigration)
3) appeal to congress has failed (again, capture)
leaving only:
4) appeal to the court (reverse lawfare)
5) revolt in the imitation of our founders.

So we emphasize the state and federal courts, as well as the founder’s court of common law, to sue the state for a redress of grievances – and upon exhaustion of those two remaining options, only revolt.


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