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  • the central problem of the age is our failure to civilize female antisocial behavior

    Tim Beckley@Zrflk @curtd I think you’ve nailed it again with your recent framing of the central problem of the age as our failure to civilize female antisocial behavior as we have male antisocial behavior. It draws attention to the huge payments that men have already made to the project of civilization and implicitly demands reciprocity. But […]

  • The Cause of Divergence in The Anglosphere

    britain diverged from germanic civilization in the 1830’s and american culture diverged far less so. So that while we speak english, and practice english institutions, we have retained germanic culture because germans were so influential in our settlement – such that the constitution was written in both english and german versions so all germanic americans […]

  • Monarchy notes

    MONARCHY NOTES The institution of monarchy is the only continuous institution in English history – consistent throughout history and a lens thru which we view our history. The American government is just an elected monarchy( president) elected nobility (senate) elected house of commons (house) Human beings are hard-wired for Monarchy. Almost all institutions are monarchical […]

  • Were the Founders Hypocrits? No.

    1) They weren’t hypocrites. In order to win the war against England they had to tolerate the demands of the south, and the south couldn’t economically afford to abandon slavery. The solution was to return them to Africa, and some were, but without Fiat Currency couldn’t do it. 2) So instead of the high cost […]

  • The Neurology of Female and Jewish Magical Thinking and Undermining

    I’m working on trying to develop a vocabulary for describing how women need to tell themselves stories(lies) to manage their emotions by self-suggestion, (sedation) so that they DON’T have to consciously ADAPT their intuitions by rational discipline. If I work at it, for just a moment, I can simulate the mind of a woman, and […]

  • Welcome to The Great Filter

    WELCOME TO THE GREAT FILTER. by Elevate Thy Gaze @elevatethygaze (CD: This is flawless)   Millennia of suffering and soft-eugenic selection finally produce a gene pool and associated population of sufficient number, intellect, and conscientiousness to develop institutions and tools capable of coordinating million-plus groups and deploying non-animal-based energy-driven machines for transforming the environment. Industrial […]

  • Answers to India’s Questions to Zeihan with My Adds.

    ANSWERS: INDIA CORE ISSUE: The idea of becoming a major power is gone. India is the dominant power in its region. It has the ability to regulate trade in the region. And india can take advantage of it. India is one of only six countries that is developed and not having a population collapse. India […]

  • Comment on the present condition of AI

    Good. Accurate. Would say that I think at least some of us who are aware of the three shortcomings that confirm your opinion. hardware, world model, self-training, sufficient recursion of prediction.   (a) neural nets today can categorize and predict within a trained domain. in other words, they aren’t ai’s their robots (machines) (b) adversarial […]

  • Definition: Fictionalism (Full)

    Fictionalism is the name of the judgment within philosophy, as to which statements that appear to be descriptions of the world should not be construed as such, but should instead be understood as cases of “make-believe”, of pretending to treat something as literally true (a “useful fiction”). Fictionalism consists of at least the following three […]

  • The Fate of Civilizations (really)

    Coercion (Organization): There are only three means of human coercion: 1. Political: Force/Defense, 2. Remunerative: Bribe-Trade/Boycott-Deprivation, 3. Social: Insurance(Inclusion)/Ostracization(Canceling) Institutions(Scale): All civilizations develop those institutions in one order or another: 1. Europe (Oligarchy and Law): Militia -> Empirical Law -> State -> (Philosophy, but Fail at underclass religion) 2. China (State and Bureaucracy):   Military(State) -> […]

  • Staying on Message: Chastizing the Losing Right

    I’m still here. I’ll always be here. And I’ll continue to ridicule you dumb fucks for being dumb fucks, because you give a shit about optics generated by the enemy, to bait you once again, into continuing to destroy your leadership, as you wait for Jesus or Hitlers who will never and can never come. […]

  • The Solution to The Liar’s Paradox is Simple. It’s a Lie. Here’s Why.

    Summary: The liar’s paradox, like all paradoxes, and most if not all philosophical claims of depth, complexity, or undecidability consists of nothing but malformed statements in the grammar of continuous recursive disambiguation that violate the contract of suggestion (truthful speech) and due diligence against error, bias, and deceit, between speaker and audience. Given the Liar’s […]

  • Regarding China: The Future of Communsim, Globalism, and Islam vs NATIONALISM

    In a post-agrarian world, all nations are compatible, and all empires, and all civilizations, are incompatible. An explicitly nationalist China, Russia, Hungary, India are naturally resistant to two hostile movements: the spread of Islam that has destroyed every great civilization of the ancient world, and the spread of the spectrum of Jewish Cosmopolitanism that has […]

  • Our Law: Western Civilization in a Nutshell.

    The Ternary Logic of European Civilization: European civilization is the most equal under the law, even if unequal in economic results of the law, despite greater prosperity under the law. Because it is the most continuously evolutionary adaptive and most innovative – because of our ancestral law. The Group Evolutionary Strategy of The European People […]

  • The Final Word On Trump, The 6th, The Lie of Coup, and The Left’s Program of Deceit

    Regarding the propaganda play making use of the 6th. Look. In all Seriousness. I’m an activist. Of minor influence. There are plenty of us. Although I’m sort of ‘canceled’ by the hard right, the way most of the rest of the right has been ‘canceled by the hard left’. If Trump had wanted a coup, […]

  • QUESTION: “What does Curt Doolittle think of when people say no race (ethnicity) is better than another race (ethnicity)?

    ANSWER (Short Version: Races are in fact better or worse so to speak, (more adaptive or less adaptive, more evolved or less evolved) but there are good and bad people in each race. And it has more to do with the size of the underclass than the race. Because the size of the lower classes […]

  • The Whiteness Checklist

    THE WHITENESS CHECKLIST ‘Whiteness’ requires: Evidence of dominant ‘Steppe (Yamna) Ancestry’ (and NOT including a) south eurasian spectrum: north african, arab(peninsular), levantine, Mesopotamian, post-conquest levantine, iranic-caucasian, iranic, indo iranic, indian, and turkic(south eurasian + asian; and not including african, east african, nilotic, negrito, austronesian et al.) Evidence of European selection pressure for neoteny, gracility, hair, eye, and skin […]

  • No More Lies. The Use of Race To Destroy Western Civ Was Done With Intent, With Passion, And As An Act Of War

    “Regarding there are no races” Stop lying. Debate is over. Even David Reich, the best in the industry, has come out publicly. People like you are preventing the development of policy that will compensate for vast differences in developmental biology. There are five generations of humans … 1 – Old African and the African coastal […]

  • Philosophy vs Law

    ? @Oners82  —“The problem with philosophical tradition is that it’s predicated on textual and scriptural interpretation. But words don’t mean things, people mean things and they satisfy the demand for unambiguity, consistency, correspondence, and the possibility or they don’t.”— This is long. It’s mostly just copy-paste because I make similar arguments all the time. It wasn’t […]

  • Comments on “What does conservatism stand for these days? Academic Agent explains.” with Paul Gottfried. (A) European civilization uses Self Determination by individual Sovereignty under common rule of law – not individualism. In fact, Europan civilization relies on ‘Commons-ism’ and the direction of dominance expression to the production of commons. (B) European civilization has a 5000-year record of military reporting, testimonial truth, and truth before face in the commons; […]


    THE WHITENESS CHECKLIST ‘Whiteness’ requires: Evidence of dominant ‘Steppe (Yamna) Ancestry’ (and NOT including (a) the South Eurasian spectrum: North African, Arab(peninsular), Levantine, Mesopotamian, post-conquest Levantine, Iranic-caucasian, Iranic, Indo Arabic, Indian, and Turkic(south Eurasian + Asian; (b) or the Asian; (c) Or the African, East African, Nilotic, Arab-African, Negrito, Austronesian et al.) Evidence of European Selection […]

  • Answering Tamil Gendler’s Justification of Lefistm (Second Jewish Counter Revolution against Truth)

    Just as Nozick answered Rawls, I’ll answer Gendler (And you won’t like it – especially because it’s true. ) This lecture, while explicative on its face, doesn’t, in fact, explain why philosophy failed, has been relegated to a branch of theology, is being defunded, and has been left in the dust by genetics, cognitive science, […]

  • European vs Jewish Intellectuals. The Jewish War On Science and Reason

    War Against Every Single Discipline: Europeans vs Jews: The Pattern of Engineers (Scientists) vs Sophists (“Hucksters”) (repost from book) Legend:  *= Substantial Damage to Group Cognition, ( ) = Opposite Position Discipline European vs Jewish Engineering Computation and Science Many vs Babbage vs (Wolfram), Turing Galileo to Maxwell vs ? ? ? ? Economic Philosophy […]

  • Fashion Industry As An Example of Aesthetic Fraud

    “Fashion” outside of the top houses (which everyone knows: Gucci, RL, and the 20 or so others ) is presently a refuge of dysfunctionality – where they can hide under the pretense of skill and talent, and virtue signal like the rest of the neo-marxist movement: The cult of anti-beauty. When urbanites are desperate for […]

  • Response to David Fuller at Rebel Wisdom

    REGARDING: 1 ) Simple version and fuller states it in the article above: Have I correctly identified the conflict between the left’s false promise of freedom from physical, logical, behavioral, cooperative, and evolutionary laws, and the rights’ (Aristotelian) promise that only by conformity to (rather than denying, ignoring, or lying about) those laws do […]