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  • Why The Left Can’t Think: Example? David Fuller

    They Are Incapable of Reason Editor’s Note: If the reason is impossible then negotiation is impossible, and then compromise are impossible, so then what are the choices? Well, bribery, or violence. So we have to educate the left to avoid bribery or violence.   Sense-Making  is very different from Truth-Seeking. Because truth-seeking produces a single, […]

  • Yes, they’re responsible

    And yes, Jewish thought leadership is largely behind the postwar destruction of western civilization, and there is a long literature on the subject, and it’s almost entirely true. Is it a conspiracy? Like all political movements, it’s a conspiracy of common interest, perpetuating the Jewish group strategy, pursued with excellence and diligence by elites, which […]

  • Answering Daniel Schachtenberger’s Twitter Positioning

    —“Is it possible to have sustained global peace while maintaining a for-profit military industrial complex?”—Daniel @danielkenobe Military expenditures are always a sunk cost. Private production of military is simply cheaper because private companies always make better use of capital due to natural human incentives. —“Pleasure, happiness, meaning and intimacy are the signals of alignment in […]

  • Sense Making

    Under P-Law, proposing or advocating the use of the state (legislation) for irreciprocity, is a crime – a third-degree treason. Women are not rational, reciprocal, or loyal creatures. They are driven by extreme intolerance for uncertainty and as such drive civs to collapse. -Curt, you bring up an unresolved dilemma for me: Would it not […]

  • Of Course Gab Will Attract Taboo Conversations

    If you have a free speech platform it will tend to attract taboo discussions that can’t be had otherwise. And yes, Jewish thought leadership is largely behind the postwar destruction of western civilization, and there is a long literature on the subject, and it’s almost entirely true. Is it a conspiracy? Like all political movements, […]

  • MB vs BIG5 … Again.

    MB expanded to a similar number of questions as B5 would remain useful – for the workplace. B5 including empathy-systematizing would explain the difference in facets (subtraits) which vary by sex. So no it’s not bullshit. it teaches normal folk to think about motivations. I worked on this question, and the delta between Big Five […]

  • Max Tegmark Saves Me Work… 😉

    I found a video by Max Tegmark (MIT) that explains the math behind the Grammars. Not that I’ll get anywhere by showing formulae. But his slides explain what I’m trying to get across: that the pattern (grammar) is the same at every scale of the universe – including language. I use geometry as the ‘system […]

  • Less “School” more “church”, social, economic, and military participation.

    Young men are desperate for sex, to obtain it by team membership and competitive advantage, and to limit the duress in the pursuit of all. The only solution is to start earlier: developing socialization, craftsmanship skills, life skills, physical fitness – vs ‘school'(daycare).

  • Fascism vs Roman Dicatorship in War. Same thing.

    It is extremely difficult to find something that the fascists were ‘wrong’ about other than dependence on a dictator rather than rule of law by natural law. In other words, ‘rule of law fascism’ (meaning zero tolerance) is the optimum polity for homogenous, domesticated peoples. If you want to confuse fascism with two sides of […]

  • The Cause of Diversity Frictions

      Woke is a desperate attempt to preserve the pseudoscientific anti-Darwinian movement. IQ, Sex, Class, Race differences are all true. BUT, due to delta in underclass size and resulting culture – and a problem of CLASS, kin-preference, culture, immigration, integration – not race. Sex value of Race(neoteny) will exist. Kin bias will exist. Power-seeking by […]

  • The Hard Problem Was But Isn’t Any Longer. 😉

      Sorry, but the ‘hard problem’ of consciousness is solved. It’s taken me a year and a half to figure out how to explain it but once you understand it, like many things, it’s not a hard problem at all – it’s rather simple and obvious. (Philosophers look like idiots in retrospect.) Funny, but computational irreducibility (the […]

  • No. Proximity Causes Justifiable Racial Conflcit

    -“Segregation causes racism.”-Bret Weinstein @BretWeinstein BRETT: FALSE Proximity causes conflict. That’s the science. Why? a) ingroup preference (kin selection) b) the advantage of ingroup preference (cooperative discounts) c) large differences in the genetic distribution of ability between groups (class sizes) d) resulting divergence in manners, ethics, morals, norms e) resulting competition between imposition of behavioral […]


      -“P-law has the effect of being so intellectually inaccessible and dense initially that it discourages a person from trying; then when you learn it, it mysteriously is perceived as almost too simple to believe. Yet, it’s still understood as complex. … That’s been my experience.”- TruthQuest

  • Stephen Williams’ Explanation of Nietzsche

    Most concise, accurate explanation of Nietzsche. (I completely agree). My view is that Nietzche diagnosed the illness failed to discover the cure. We have. But then P-Law & Homo Deus force us to face the mirror.

  • Penrose’s Platonism

    I would love to explain mathematics to Roger – it would annoy the daylights out of him – because his platonism would be eradicated forever. ( insert nonsense response from moron here) Roger is a mathematical platonist. Most mathematical platonists – including Roger – lack the vocabulary to evolve to join the computational (operational) revolution […]

  • On Bernardo Kastrup

    … He’s all over the place. If all he’s saying is ‘in the mind of man, all things are measured by the body, emotions, and mind of man” then that’s fine. If he’s saying that “all understanding must be computationally reducible to some linguistic sequence – well that’s true”. If he’s saying that operational (scientific) […]

  • Yes, we know what consciousness consists of.

    Of course we know what consciousness consists of. We’ve known for at least the past ten years. The effort of teaching the average person enough neurology so that can they understand it is a bit of work, but I’m producing a course on it, and the research is all out there. Even a populist like […]

  • Do Complex Numbers Exist?

    In response to:     I should publish a paper on this subject as yet another of the many problems of mathematical idealism(analogy) vs mathematical operationalism (reality). Because “i”, just as |absolute value|, solves a problem of ambiguity in mathematics: the language and logic of positional names. Sabine correctly identifies the convenient use of “i” […]

  • . . .

    (1) Our argument is simple: (a) small ethnocentric nations produce the lowest power distance, (b) the most necessary of political service of the people, (c) the highest incentive to domesticate ones’ demographic distribution (d) the necessity of paying one’s costs of self-domestication without externalizing it on others creating (present) conflicts (e) the highest tolerance for […]

  • We need a more expensive religion

    Well at present I seem to have ‘scienced’ religion into operational and functional demands – more so than anyone in the past. You can ‘science’ literature as well. Or consciousness. There is a difference however between the science, the experience, and especially the auto-associative experience, that results from a long history of practicing a religion. […]

  • Thoughts: Yes, The Left is Parasitic

    Hi, this is curt doolittle, I thought I’d talk a little bit about the left’s parasitism. ANALOGY: Gad Saad’s new book is the Parasitic Mind.  I have an entirely appropriate man-crush on Saad because he practices masculinity as an art form, particularly suited to intellectuals. And he’s a master of it, as well as a […]

  • Is Christianity Salvageable? 

    IS CHRISTIANITY SALVAGEABLE?  IMO, and I realize that this is an area of your specialty, I don’t work in ideals but in necessities, and the failure to solve the problem of heterogeneous underclasses (vs india and china) was a substantive one. He looks to me to be solving that problem regardless of the church. -“But […]

  • Explaining the Confusion of The Conservative Mind

    EXPLAINING THE CONFUSION OF THE CONSERVATIVE MIND Conservative males mistake their intertemporal predictive modeling as a need for woo-woo. If you need woo-woo it means that which you are contemplating is beyond your present knowledge. It’s the instinct to patrol the borders of your territory to gain the info to model it. The problem you […]

  • The Attraction of Weapons (tools in general)

    —“Question: Why are so many guns, knives, and swords beautiful? Is it the talent put into them, or are we naturally attracted to weapons?”—Inductivist Take me too long to explain all of it but the answer is opportunity – which we label agency, and colloquially as ‘power’. But our brains calculate just one thing: gain […]

  • Our Covid Failure Is a Symptom of Our Political Devolution

    OUR COVID FAILURE IS A SYMPTOM OF OUR POLITICAL DEVOLUTION I avoid the topic but I’ll just point out that (a) overwhelming the health care system is due to failure to conduct war games by WHO, CDC, and Health (b) export of strategic industries (c) demilitarization of the population so can’t be mobilized in crisis […]