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  • Policy: Institute Decorum

    REMINDER FOR ALL: INSTITUTE DECORUM (we’ve added new people to the team) We develop and teach the natural law of decidability, testimony, reciprocity, and cooperation for the purpose of ending the current crisis made possible by industrial, technological, and medical modernity, the wealth that has resulted, in our decreased interdependence, increased alienation because of it, […]

  • Decidable Truth

    TRUTH. (NOTE: Do we have to redo this or is it already in ROI article?) It’s taken over 2500 years to solve the question of truth, and doing so required disambiguating it into it’s constituent parts: Decidability is a criterion used to evaluate whether a statement can be tested and resolved as true or false, […]

  • HumanBiodiversity Bibliography

    Someone recently said, “Assertions about the importance of HBD [human biodiversity] are rife on the internet among high-IQ bloggers.” We thus created the following bibliography to aid those interested in human biodiversity. The bibliography is eclectic and a work in progress. Its creators do not necessarily agree with all the ideas presented in the following […]

  • Answers to Six ARC Questions

    ONE IS THERE A SOLUTION TO GETTTING ALONG I have worked on this problem for more years and in more detail than anyone living (or dead for that matter.) And it’s common knowledge that my work may require multiple reads and considerable knowledge of the spectrum of disciplines. And it’s common knowledge that like darwin […]

  • CD on Limits of Morals Before They’re Crimes.

    (Thoughts)Our team works in via negativa constructive logic. But we use common terms to avoid neologisms. So for example, when we say ‘moral’ we mean ‘not immoral’, and we define immoral as irreciprocal, meaning empirically determined,by universally demonstrated retaliation. So while individual, normative, and group variation in moral rules varies by context, this is due […]

  • CF on Morality Positiva and Negativa

    by ContraFabian @ContraFabianist The minimum conditions for positive reciprocity are particular to an exchange (via positiva, scale dependent), whereas, the minimum conditions for negative reciprocity are universal (via negativa, scale independent). Universal aversion to the imposition of costs on demonstrated interests (negative reciprocity) does not assume a particular portfolio of interests—property—but accounts for variation in […]

  • Falsifying False Claims

    Since he wrote enough content I can respond. 7 big presuppositions of science that science itself can’t validate: 1. The senses are reliable 2. The mind is rational 3. The universe is rational 4. The uniformity of nature to justify induction 5. The laws of logic 6 The existence of numbers 7. The existence of […]

  • Democracy isn’t a goal. It’s a Luxury born of success at Rule of Law of Natural Law

    NONSENSE: Not a historian but an idealogue: Democracy wasn’t and isn’t the goal it’s a means. Liberty by Sovereignty was and is the goal. Prohibition on authority the means of achieving it. Rule of Law of self-determination by sovereignty in demonstrated interests (merit) and reciprocity in display word and deed (morality) the means of testing […]

  • The difference between our law of prosecution and the philosophy of debate.

    -“And you presume to know anything about argumentation? You have a lot of learning to do, including in the areas you think you know.”- (a) conflates formal argument (proofs) with informal (debate) (b) conflates persuade with testify (c) conflates neutrality with criminality. So what you fail to understand is that in western philosophical tradition, we […]

  • Nietzche was wrong on jews.

    Cofnas is intellectually embarrassing for the vapid criticism that denies that group strategies exist — when I can identify group strategies just by linguistic analysis, just as we can identify sex, class, ethnicity from it. Nietzche was wrong. Jews are a feminine race, but(a) much much higher aggression. Aggression decreased with the four racial speciation […]

  • No. We’re Done. The Anglosphere Doesn’t Want To Police The World. The Jewish Globalists do.

    ? @badofi  The anglosphere doesn’t want to function as globalists. Americans in particular are insular, and only created the global order to defeat the communists in both RU and CN from spreading to the ME. The Anglosphere’s problem is that it needs air-sea control for safety the way Eurasia needs land safety. Ergo, a land-based rail […]

  • Othering and Organized Crime

    “Othering” is necessary for preservation of aggressive separatism, nepotism, and concentration of capital in the group. Why have we not seen the same behavior among diasporic Germans, Chinese, Armenians, Huguenots, Hungarians, Greeks, etc?”–Harold Fairhair @fairhair_harold Have or haven’t we? Compare occupational differences of diasporas. What you’ll observe is the most important insight into cultural differences […]

  • So why is islam desirable for many?

    1. Avg IQ in Islam 84, avg IQ in Christendom 100 – one full standard deviation. 2. Low trust civilization favoring facelessness (vs truth), familism, clannism, tribalism over nationalism, and where cheating and corruption are heroic and expected. 3. Islam’s mandate of ignorance. 2. But because it’s a religion for populations with low average IQs […]

  • Comments on Steve Keen with Lex Fridman

    Steve is always right, but I want to propose an additional sequence through which to view the history of economics: the problems each generation was trying to solve as we passed through the sequential revolutions in sail, agrarian production, commerce, finance, industrial, and technological: So Economic Schools = Social Science and rule of law, vs […]

  • To Sarah Dawn Moore on the Male Nothing Box and Some Suggestions for Women

    Sarah Dawn Moore: Questions: 1) I’m a typical competitive serial CEO male. I’ve noticed that my wives and girlfriends develop an intuition that if they sit next to me, touch me, and speak gently, they get whatever they want. Because it breaks the boundary between “person and mate”. I ‘feel’ touch and femininity as ‘respect’. […]

  • A Lesson In Civilizational Capital

    Look. This guy [Harry] had mental health issues. He married a woman [Meghan] that would dominate him, and take charge of the social and political atmosphere around him. She captured, contained, and manipulated him. And for him she’s a debilitating drug instead of therapy. #PrinceHarryhasgonemad Dr Benjamin Janaway @drjanaway Replying to@curtdoolittle These are astonishingly specific […]

  • The reason for the Rule of Lenity

    The reason for the Rule of Lenity is partly to enforce the separation of powers, and partly to protect defendants from activism by requiring courts interpret the law using strict construction, and in cases of ambiguity, ruling in favor of the defendant. However, this explanation ignores the reason for the separation of powers, which is […]

  • Response to Nathan Confas’ Repeat of Previous Non-Arguments Against MacDonald

    … This is my magnum opus on the Jewish question and my final reply to @TOOEdit . I respond to every important objection raised over the past 5 years. – is it just IQ? – role in open borders – why Jews avoid white nationalism – reasons for anti-Semitism etc.” — Nathan Cofnas @nathancofnas Still […]

  • James Lindsay and the Third Rail

    1. All: James’ Utility vs Truth (a) James avoids the third rail & canceling by claiming ideology causes vs reflects. (b) His work just explains female and Jewish cognition, bias, method of argument, social construction, and social warfare against responsibility for the commons. 2. All: (c) Western civ(“Whiteness”) evolves faster and more prosperously than all […]

  • The Universal Answer To “White Privilege”

    This parody account gave me an opportunity to riff off the humor with something serious: –“Name a favorite childhood memory and I will tell you why it is rooted in your ignorant white privilege.”– @AnnLesbyPhD, Ann Lesby, PhD (she/her) Ignorant? Whiteness consists of (a) the informal and formal institutional means of maximizing individual responsibility(maturity) for […]

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  • This Is A Press Release

    Some dummy text here… 😉 The phrase ‘dummy text’ does not apply to anything and everything the press says… it’s just a term of art.

  • Cognition: Why We Have Trouble With Probabilities. 😉

    Constantly astounded by how few seem to think in probabilities, and therefore tend to perceive even the mere entertainment of low probability ideas as akin to ideological infections that must be purged from one’s phenomenological ambience… –Matthew Pirkowski @MattPirkowski Matthew,The more I understand about cognitive differences and worse, differences in ability, the more I understand […]

  • . . .

    Askenazi have narrowed or reversed cognitive sexual dimorphism, thinking and valuing in lower cost empathy, pictures, and words Compared to europeans who are dimorphic and our males think in costly systems and simulations. Europeans specialized in arts, production, invention, trade, statehood and war, and civilizational development. So while Europeans have invented nearly everything of consequence […]