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  • The Science of The Law Is the Law of The Sciences – Universal Law

    Nov 14, 2021· THE SCIENCE OF THE LAW IS THE LAW OF THE SCIENCES – UNIVERSAL LAW “[Blackstone] it was who first gave to the law the air of a science.” Yep. Of course, it’s not occurred to our ancestors that science is but applied Anglo, Germanic, European, traditional, law. P-Law produces the formal science of law – and in […]

  • Why I Keep Using the Term “P-Law”

    Nov 15, 2021· WHY I KEEP USING THE TERM “P-LAW” P-complete – Wikipedia“In computational complexity theory, a decision problem is P-complete (complete for the complexity class P) if it is in P and every problem in P can be reduced to it by an appropriate reduction.” Ergo: **All existence can be explained by reduction to the first principles of evolutionary […]

  • Nov 15, 2021· THINKING: “How do I teach others how to think about all existence, life, thought, feeling, and behavior operationally – by construction from first principles – by disambiguation into first principles?” Well, you list the first principles and gradually learn(habituate) the process. I don’t think there is any magic to it. It’s like anything else. People may want […]

  • Nov 15, 2021··Edited – “The complaint isn’t that your posts are word salad. The complaint is that you never make a point. A guy like you needs to follow a template, like 1. Briefly state conclusion 2. State context/motivation/problem. 3. Reason. 4. Re-state conclusion.” – Yes it is. Every day. That said… I make the point, I make the point […]

  • Dumb F—ks in The White Movement

    Nov 15, 2021 DUMB F—KS IN THE WHITE MOVEMENT — “grug, math.” — Math isn’t hard. Knowing what’s wrong with math (mathiness) is a bit hard. Knowing the difference between math, computation, operations, and cooperative transactions is hard. Knowing how to disambiguate all methods of computation (Grammars) isn’t hard. Knowing how to produce decidability across math, computation, operations, transactions, is […]

  • The Method to The Apparent Madness: We Must Pay For Victory

    Nov 15, 2021· THE METHOD TO THE APPARENT MADNESS There is a very deep method to my apparent madness on the topic of the right’s tendency to fail. That method would be deprecated if I were to state it openly. But as I have demonstrated over the past decade, the use of via negativa king of the hill games tends […]

  • Why Will Our Reforms Work?

    WHY WILL OUR REFORMS WORK? Because it P-Law a minor tweak to the most successful system of government in human history, and the only one to create a modern state capable of bulding and maintaining itself as a first world power. There are a set of minor holes in our ‘operating system’ (Constitution, law, tradition, adn religion) through which the […]

  • Moral Intuition as Expression of Competency

    MORAL INTUITION AS EXPRESSION OF COMPETENCYby Western Renaissance I’m starting to think that what is going on with the whole NPC phenomenon, is that our frustrations, or complete lack thereof, are indicative of what level of responsibility we are able to take. If you’re frustrated by big things, then maybe this is a sign that you have the capacity to […]

  • The Rarity of Life in The Universe

    Nov 16, 2021· THE RARITY OF LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE It’s far harder for a planet to survive in the habitable zone than we think. You need a relatively peaceful galactic neighborhood. And a star that lives long enough and is stable enough for evolution to compute the possibility of complex life. You need a third or fourth-generation star so […]

  • The End of The Supernormal and Supernatural

    Nov 18, 2021· THE END OF THE SUPERNORMAL AND SUPERNATURAL The desperate attempt to preserve the supernatural persists no matter how much we falsify the false promises. — “I have been wondering if your ideas are worth reading. You are obviously a materialist (spiritual non-believer. Everything in MY subjective conscious experience tells me that you don’t really don’t ‘get it’. […]

  • Trying To Articulate the Neural Economy

    Nov 19, 2021· WORK TOPIC: I’ve been trying to clearly articulate the relationship between cycles in the neural economy, novelty-seeking within it, attention-seeking, self-‘busying’, responsibility, and mindfulness. In particular, the problem the simple folk have with self-busying vs attention. Now, one of the reasons I’m so emphatic about teaching how the brain works(it’s simple) is to help us understand the […]

  • Why Was the English Aristocracy so Unique?

    Nov 19, 2021· WHY WAS THE ENGLISH ARISTOCRACY SO UNIQUE? Trying to wrap my head around what makes the english aristocratic tradition so unique (and wonderful) and it’s partly the extreme of truth before face – the demonstration of disagreeable truth as evidence of fitness to rule. Why could england raise more money to fight wars than france with 3x […]

  • The Convergence of European Aristocratic Empiricism and Semitic Supernatural Faith

    THE CONVERGENCE OF EUROPEAN ARISTOCRATIC EMPIRICISM AND SEMITIC SUPERNATURAL FAITH Whether you’re a Thomist and a Deist giving precedence to the supernatural faith, or an Aristotelian and Empiricist with Jesus a philosopher – giving precedence to truth over faith, the convergence between aristocracy and peasantry still exists in the compatibility of the two. My argument is that we know the […]

  • God’s Laws Are Now Evident. Faith Is Wisdom(advice) Not Truth(necessity)

    Nov 19, 2021 GOD’S LAWS ARE NOW EVIDENT. FAITH IS WISDOM(ADVICE) NOT TRUTH(NECESSITY) — “Jesus is the living truth: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) ” — Michael Allen Saying so doesn’t make it so. Quoting it doesn’t make it so. What makes it so […]

  • Are the Jews to Blame or Are We?

    ARE THE JEWS TO BLAME OR ARE WE? We have enough science to explain jews as cognitively female demonstrating the same production-evasion, responsibility evasion, neuroticism, magical thinking, mental instability, lying-denying, social construction, and hyperaggression as females in moral panic, especially if they are perceived as undesirable (rejected). Jews are the world’s only feminine intellectuals. Europeans are the most masculine intellectuals. […]

  • What I Believe Doesn”t Matter the Truth Is Evident

    WHAT I BELIEVE DOESN”T MATTER THE TRUTH IS EVIDENT — ” @curtd Would you say that God is conscious? Or, are you making an argument for naturalism, in that only science exists and not the supernatural/spiritual? ” — Michael Allen (a) How can I know whether god exists? (b) How can I know whether an existential god is conscious? (c) I can […]

  • Family+Community vs Economy and Polity

    FAMILY+COMMUNITY vs ECONOMY AND POLITY Women create family and community, men create economy and polity. I have no idea why this is other than the overwhelming, universal, exceptionless evidence of all of present to pre-history. Why? Evolutionary Genetics of the Division of Labor by Time and Population.

  • Revelation Is Just Wisdom: It’s only True Enough.

    Nov 22, 2021· REVELATION IS JUST WISDOM: IT’S ONLY TRUE ENOUGH. — “Revelation versus reason, and people who respond well to arguments based upon either source of truth.” — That’s false (lie) of course, and it’s evidence of the Abrahamic method of lying (conflation). Truth must be testifiable and the testifiable must be falsifiable. So: meaning (felt and imaginary), wisdom (argued […]

  • Why Do I Bother (Rant)

    Nov 23, 2021 RANT ON: Why do I bother? Seriously. The right manifests conspiracy (assuming deception) and the left manifests conspiracy (assuming oppression). There are masses of idiots on both sides. These idiots are convinced that they are competent, informed on the subject, understand the subject, and right in their assessment and judgment of the subject. But the truth is […]

  • You Make a Choice. Choose.

    CHOOSE: The Direction of Dominance Expression (Mating Signals) to the production of commons – or the destruction of commons? Female: Beauty Pageants, Arts vs Onlyfans, Tinder, etc.ANDMale: Sports, Business vs Gangs, Crime, etc. Eugenic vs Dysgenic Dominance Expression