Random Thoughts

  • The Spectrum of Governments

    THE SPECTRUM OF GOVERNMENTS The purpose of democracy is to spend economic windfalls. The purpose of oligarchy is to expand economies. The purpose of authoritarianism is to ‘catch up’ to more advanced economies. It’s really that simple. A Military Create Rule of Law Use the Govt that you need

  • Natural Law Judgement of The Vaccine Questionnatural Law Judgement of The Vaccine Question

    NATURAL LAW JUDGEMENT OF THE VACCINE QUESTION I avoided the ‘vax’ controversy because I said nothing could be said without empirical evidence and a crime created by the denial of that evidence. So as far as I know, the empirical evidence has spoken: Unless a dramatic difference in contagion between vaccinated and non exists, then there is no case for […]

  • The End of The Need for The Federal Government

    THE END OF THE NEED FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Well, my broader point is that (a) american prosperity is due to the combination of english law and selling off a continent and putting it to productive work. (b) american technology is largely english and german in origin, (c) and like Rome vs Athens, superior military organization and subsequent administration. (d) […]

  • The Jewish Specialization in Pseudosciences

    As we see in evidence by their specialization in the production of authoritarian religion, pseudoscience, sophistries, deceits, and frauds that falsely and unaccountably promise freedom from physical. natural. and evolutionan’ laws. again. pro?ting from the destruction of our high trust commons under the pretense of plausible deniability: Cantor-Bohr in mathematical re-platonization (sophistry or ‘mathiness’). Gould-Boaz-Freud in behavioral sciences (pseudoscience and […]

  • The Four False Promises

    THE SYSTEMIC PRODUCTION OF “BIG LIES” The False promise of freedom from the formal (truth), physical (scarcity), behavioral (acquisition self-interest, kin preference, amorality) and evolutionary (accumulation of genetic load, inequality, natural selection, defeat of the red queen) laws.

  • “Curt. You need more exposure. You would be the biggest “fuck you” in history if all of this came to fruition.”

    BACKHANDED COMPLIMENT: — “Curt, who is the unironic embodiment of western civilization: sick, immuno-compromised, survived a couple of cancers, possibly still has cancer, high functioning autist, proceeded to alienate every potential ally faction under the sun because he can’t lie, will be crucified by every normie and the ruling oligarchy if he ever becomes publically known, has an audience of […]

  • “An army of all kin”

    “An army of all kin, consisting of a universal militia, of universal entrepreneurs, – self-governed by the Natural Law of self-determination, by self-determined means, by the reciprocal grant of, the defense of, the inalienability of, and insurance of, individual sovereignty in all demonstrated interests, and reciprocity in all display, word, and deed, – to all members of the polity that […]

  • Evolution Is Gods First Law

    UNFORTUNATELY FOR THE FAITHFUL GOD SPOKE ONE WORD “EVOLVE!” – EVOLUTION IS GODS FIRST LAW — “I think the key point of natural law is that there is a God who ordered the world and human affairs and that we ought to follow that order. The main problem of the west now is they no longer believe that there is […]

  • Language is just a system of reducibility

    SOMETHING PROFOUND FOR AMATEUR PHILOSOPHERS OF THE GODEL: The Godel / Penrose criticism is false outside of it’s narrow claims, because of a common misunderstanding of Godel’s claims, and what we mean by ‘axioms’, ‘closure’, ‘proof’, and ‘true’. The insight is: “The sets of Mathematical reducibility are smaller than Computational reducibility, are smaller than (Re)Combinatorial reducibility are smaller than Evolutionary […]

  • The Majority-Female Inability to Adapt to Evolutionary Civilization

    THE MAJORITY-FEMALE INABILITY TO ADAPT TO EVOLUTIONARY CIVILIZATION Sovereignty, Markets for Polities, Federation, Loyalty, reconciliation, truth before face, duty before self(responsibility) are all interdependent requirements for maximum adaptive velocity. Note that these are all opposites of female instinct, intuition, and behavior. Europeanism is costly. Females can’t practice loyalty necessary for a distributed federation because they can’t practice reconciliation. Again, this […]

  • The Great Replacment Is Just the Most Recent War of Masculine European vs Feminine Middle Eastern

    THE GREAT REPLACMENT IS JUST THE MOST RECENT WAR OF MASCULINE EUROPEAN VS FEMININE MIDDLE EASTERN Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (occultists) are counter-revolutions against the anatolian, greco, roman (naturalists) invention of reason and the conquest of the primitive peoples of the middle east by both European and Persian branches of the Indo European Genetic and Cultural Revolution. Today, Judaism -> […]

  • Loyalty Between Christian Peasantry(weak) and Aryan Aristocracy(strong) Is Enough.

    LOYALTY BETWEEN CHRISTIAN PEASANTRY(Weak) AND ARYAN ARISTOCRACY(Strong) IS ENOUGH. For the sake of loyalty to our ‘misguided kin’, we can in fact legislate special dispensation for Christians for the simple reason that while Christianity does persuade and indoctrinate using the Abrahamic method of fraud, the five first principles of the Christian religion are in fact the solution to the prisoner’s […]

  • “The God of the Aryans is Wotan and not the christian god.” -Jung

    The God of the Aryans is Wotan and not the christian god. The alien doctrines of christianin were forced upon pagan Europe by point of sword with strong political posturing. Had Christianity not incorporated much of the old Euro-pagan traditions it could scarce have lasted into these present times. Without exception the most singular deleterious convolution to infect the natural […]

  • Islam Is Incompatible with European Civilization

    THE END OF THE ARGUMENT AGAINST ISLAM: ISLAM IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH EUROPEAN CIVILIZATION Europeanism consists of reciprocal insurance of self-determination by self-determined means, by sovereignty in demonstrated interest, and reciprocity in display word and deed, requiring duty before self, and truth before face, limits us to empirical testimony. This is the foundation of western civilization – everything else is decoration. […]

  • the war is total

    Conflict with our competitors, even if violent, is subject to rules whether unwritten (honor) or written (Westphalia, Geneva) and reconciliation follows resolution. With the enemy, the war is total, limited only by laws of nature, and ends only with the destruction of one side.

  • Methods of Elites are Genetic

    White People Testify. Jewish People Storytell.Men Systematize…….Women empathizeReals……………………..FeelsTruth …………………….DesirabilityAdaptation……………..Evasion of AdaptationConsistency …………..InconsistencyEmpirical Thinking…..Magical Thinking

  • Public Goods Are Always an Externality Produced by Eliminating Bads

    PUBLIC GOODS ARE ALWAYS AN EXTERNALITY PRODUCED BY ELIMINATING BADSby Luke Weinhagen “Education will provide salvation!” Via Positiva: Investing in the “Public Good” will produce a good public.Via Negativa: Investing in a good public will produce the “Public Good”. The former attempts to compel order by pretending entropy does not exist. The latter supports the emergence of order by limiting […]


    A VIKING CHRISTMAS STORY( I repost every year on christmas eve. ; ) ) https://naturallawinstitute.com/a-viking-christmas-story/ Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the villageThe men sharpened knives and the boys dreamt of pillage.The skulls were all hung by the chimney with careIn hopes on the morrow, more would be there. The girls were nestled all snug in their beds,While […]

  • Edward Bernays: Propaganda

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits andopinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” Propagandaby Edward Bernays, 1928Wikipedia: “Propaganda” incorporated the literature from social science and psychological manipulation into an examination of the […]

  • “Hate speech” is when you use the gift of pattern recognition to state the obvious and say the things that others are all thinking, but are too afraid to say out loud.