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  • Deep States

    DEEP STATES AND HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM Asking forgiveness for analytic exposition in advance….. THE HIERARCHY OF MODELS: 1) Michels-ian View (Evolutionary): Deep state – a deterministic and necessary consequence of all human orders, because of the value and need for synthesis of information and provision of decidability necessary to concentrate forces of coercion […]

  • Privilege? Earned Stereotype

    —“Privilege is something any group will create for its members if they are able. I think we would do better to ask what’s wrong with groups that are unable, rather than tolerating lectures on account of we trust each other more than we trust them; when they evidently don’t even trust each other (because they […]

  • The Folly of our Guilt

    by Bob Moran We’ve built societies where slavery is counter-productive (or at least much less efficient than the alternatives), but it doesn’t mean it’s never a valuable choice given some the circumstances. Just like high trust, the lack of slavery is part of our privileges. And yet, we are getting guilt tripped for what we […]

  • The Last Piece: Tying Together Markets in Everything…

    Yep. Transcendence and Sovereignty were the last pieces. In the end, warriors make rule possible, but Judges rule. In the monopoly of soldiery officers rule, and in the market of cooperation judges rule. Judges and Officers provide the same function under positiva (military) and negativa (market) organizations. The question is only which method judges use […]

  • Complaint is the Language of Imbeciles

    COMPLAINT IS THE LANGUAGE OF IMBECILES Anyone can complain. Anyone can criticize. How many people can explain the incentives that cause people to act in a way that they do, that you disagree with? Complaints about people. Complaints about events. complaints about society, complaints about civilization. complaints about man. Complaints are merely statements of incompetence. […]

  • Advocate Against the Negative – the Positive Is A Choice

    I advocate a world that ostracizes, punishes, or kills those who behave parasitically on the production of others, whether produced by private, kin, or common, and whether life, physical, institutional, normative, or informational.

  • Q. What is Propertarianism? In A Word: Reciprocity.

    Apr 15, 2017 4:32pm Q: “WHAT IS PROPERTARIANISM?” What is Propertarianism? A scientific, meaning descriptive, statement of Natural Law. What is Natural Law? A fully decidable (universal) Law of Ethics. What do you mean by ethics? The law of cooperation and conflict resolution. What is this law of cooperation and conflict resolution? Reciprocity. WHAT IS […]

  • Stop Denying Who We Are

    STOP DENYING WHO WE ARE I mean, you can choose: Western sovereignty by which we and humanity profit from our incremental transformation of man from impulsive animal into human with agency in the pursuit of sovereignty for all, or the Semitic, Persian profit from the expansion of the underclass and the continuous devolution of man. […]

  • Western Ying vs Yang = Fiction vs Law

    (profoundly important) FICTION ( possibility – opportunity – productivity ) VS LAW ( decidability – limits – parasitism ) Of the following, which is fiction, which is law? A) Golden Rule : Do unto others as you would have done unto you. B) Silver Rule: Do not unto others as you would not have done […]

  • Do What You Were Born To Do

    DO WHAT YOU WERE BORN TO DO (v2) Killing is what we evolved to do – and we are excel at it. We are evolution’s super-predators. And hunting, sport, and soldiery are poor substitutes for the heady war of warrior kinsmen. There is no higher good, no higher achievement, no greater demonstration of your self and your […]

  • FBI Finds Alt Right Talking Treason?

    Huh. I thought restoring the constitution to natural law was an obligation mandated by the framers, and the very reason for the constitution and the second amendment. As far as I know, under natural law, the constitition of which is an expression, any act against those institutions that undermines natural law, rule of law, is […]

  • Chasing Down ‘Libertarian’ Smells

    CHASING DOWN ‘LIBERTARIAN’ (free rider) SMELLS Matt Mitchell —“Curt, is there anything in particular that I said that goes against what you said? For markets to function there needs to be a particular order in the first place, right? Things can change in time, yes, though there are things that do not change or are […]

  • Dear Feds. Please Legitimize me.

    DEAR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT A) Please come for me. Please give me even more credibility, and expand my market dramatically. B) Please expand the opportunity for promoting discourse on rule of law and the solution to the next iteration of european governments. C) Please ensure that the income source necessary to fund any revolution (a foreign […]

  • Do What You Were Born To Do

    DO WHAT YOU WERE BORN TO DO Killing is what we evolved to do. And we are great at it. The best who have ever lived at it. And hunting, sport, and soldiery are poor substitutes for the heady war of warrior kinsmen. There is no more passionate feeling, no higher good, no higher achievement, […]

  • Natural Law, Sovereignty, and the Restoration

    Mar 02, 2017 9:42am NATURAL LAW, SOVEREIGNTY, AND THE RESTORATION NATURAL LAW Testimonialism: Epistemology and Truth (Testimony), and Propertarianism: Ethics and Natural Law (Cooperation), and Natural Common Law (a grammar), provide the means of producing contracts (Constitutions), that are ‘scientific’ – which in testimonialism means ‘truthful’, and not open to creative interpretation by the judiciary. […]

  • There Are No Propertarian Objections to White Nationalism – or Any Other Nationalism

    (controversial)(read it all before you jump to conclusions) Assuming it’s under our ancient group evolutionary strategy (sovereignty), and under our ancient law (rule of natural law of sovereigns), and where we produce commons by a market between the classes (multi-house-government), where we use an intergenerational judge of last resort (hereditary monarchy), and where all those […]

  • The Purpose of My Work

    THE PURPOSE OF THE WORK “The purpose of my work, taking it to its conclusion, is to produce the as yet unwritten ‘Bible’ of Western Civilization – beyond which no man or government may tread: The Cult of Non-Submission; The Philosophy of Aristocracy: -Sovereignty; And its ‘Scripture’: Natural Law.” (Because this sentence seems to strike […]

  • Duchesne’s New Book is Out!!

    JUST GOT AN EMAIL FROM RICARDO DUCHESNE New book is available today! Of course, I”m going to recommend it to everyone even before I read it myself. 😉 But I will read it myself as soon as I can get my greedy hands on it.  

  • We’re Creating the Anti-Cosmopolitan Inquisition

    WE’RE THE INQUISITION They don’t understand. We’re the inquisition. Our purpose, our function, is to issue verdicts. Once issued, moral men have moral license to commit acts of force, violence, and heady murder. Many branches of Literary philosophy bring you inspiration. They suggest candidate goods. We practice law. Natural Law. We decide only what is […]

  • The Four Horsemen of the Reconstruction

    Mar 10, 2017 10:17am THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE RECONSTRUCTION 1) Jordan Peterson: Meaning (Opportunity generation) 2) Jonathan Haidt: Causation (Moral division of labor) 3) Curt Doolittle: Decidability (Natural Law) 4) Taleb: Measurement (‘Science’) FYI: Let’s take notice that I have the lousy job of saying ‘no’ – no one is ever going to like […]

  • It’s Not Easy But When it Clicks, it’s Thrilling

    ITS NOT EASY BUT WHEN IT CLICKS IS THRILLING —“I’m getting it. Things just clicked a few weeks ago and it’s like a torrent of understanding”— A Friend I wish I could get across what it means to me every time I get one of these PM’s. Every time the light goes on for someone, […]

  • Once You Grasp the Term Propertarian, You Will Eventually Find Propertarianism.

    YOU GET AN A+. (from elsewhere) Propertarian = the reduction of social science, group evolutionary strategy, morality, politics, law, ethics, and cognition, to statements of the voluntary or involuntary transfer of property between consenting individuals. Next you will grasp that the scope of property Rothbard claims (physical intersubjective) lacking rule of law, and Hoppe’s use […]

  • Why Do Conservatives Argue so Poorly? Easy.

    The only reason the tens of millions of defenders of western civilization are in the current position is because they did not understand their ancient civilizational strategy, and so they could not advance it in rational and scientific terms, and had they done so they would have understood that Darwin, Spencer, and Nietzche were correct: […]